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Nathan Batalion, PhD - CV | Healing Talks

Nathan Batalion, PhD – CV

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Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete, CPA
Comprehensive Curricula Vitae & Biographical Information

Visionary, Global Health Educator Sustainable Builder, Communitarian
Contact nathan@healingtalks.com


BAPhilosophy and Religion Washington Square College, NYU
Early admission at 16; double major in Philosophy and Religion; double minor Classics and Asian Studies
MA Asian Studies Seton Hall University Chinese language and culture. Dissertation: The Early History of Chinese Medicine  1975
MBA Accounting CPA Studies Stern School of Business NYU; Dissertation: Executive Compensation Studies  1977
PhD - Philosophy, Interpretation, & Culture (PIC); Environmental Philosophy Binghamton University
Dissertation: Raw-Wisdom: Shifting from a Death-Centered to a Life-Centered Vision of Nature


Fairleigh Dickenson University
and Channel 13
Integral and Differential Calculus, math prodigy  Summer 1962
University of Hawaii Chinese Studies  Late 1960’s
Columbia University Chinese Studies  Late 1960’s
Business and Philosophy Studies Economics with the famous Ludwig von Mises at NYU Graduate School of Business & Objectivism with Ayn Rand  1968
Health Studies With Dr. Bernard Jensen, father of American Iridology, two weeks study`  1970s
Health Courses Ohashi (Japanese Massage); Sakti Gawain (visualizations); Dr. Fehmi (Open Focus Biofeedback); Sri Swami Sachidanda (meditation and hatha yoga)  1970s
Professional Training Broker NYC
OMD – Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine Toward Oriental Medical Doctor Degree – including Anatomy and Physiology, TCM Acupuncture, Herbology, Chinese Massage, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi Chuan; With 6 months clinical training – acupuncture, herbs at drug rehab treatment clinic.  18 months of 24  month program1994-95
Naturopathic Certification Naturopathic Certification Board  2002
Health Studies Ann Wigmore Institute Living Food Lifestyle Certification Program;  2001
Personal Trainer SUNY Oneonta   2007-8


College Courses/ Lectures Where When


Assisgtant Professor of Accounting
Taught Principles of Accounting I and II;
Financial Management I and II;
Investment Analysis; Entrepreneurship
Organized library referencing and researching
accounting, finance and economic issues
Hartwick College  2000-2001
Public Seminars See Presentations Section  See Below


Type of License Where When Licensed


Naturopathic Doctor District of Columbia  2004
Certified Public Accountant   New York and New Jersey  1977
Sales Agent, Broker, Securities General Principal, Financial Operating Principal, Municipal Principal, Options Principal, Registered Investment Advisor
 NY  1980’s
Sales Agent, Assistant Real Estate Appraiser
 NY  Early 2000’s



  Where When
 CPA N. Batalion & Co CPAs with the late John Saunders CPA  Since
 Tax Preparer Physicians Tax Service Since 1977; H & R Block early 1970’s  Late
Wall St. Principal/President Three Wall St firms, BMS, L.B.Saks, Inc. and Advanced Equity Group; two with over 100 employees. Advanced Equity Group was the first brokerage member of Social Investment Forum which spearheaded the drive to transform Wall Street investment practices. Today about 10% of managed funds are socially invested. Arranged first public listing of socially responsible investment firm, Progressive Asset Management; sponsored three IPOs or initial public offerings of stock (taking companies public).  1980’s
Precious Metal Broker President, Solid Investments 1980’s
Business Broker President FMA (Financial Mergers and Acquisitions, part of a national business brokerage network  1980’s
Multimarketing Briefly set up a multi-marketing company before going to Wall Street 1980’s
 RIA – Registered Investment Advisor Batalion Financial Services 1980’s


Where When
Nursing Service On Call Nursing Service, Inc.   (President)  1990’s
Gerson Health Clinic Gerson Wellness Center at Sedona. Treated cancer and other chonic illness suffering patients. Helped with Howard Strauss (grandson of Max Gerson) to envision, fund and spent months at the clinic to help organize.  1997


Where When
Building Trades Apprentice Chardavoyne Construction Company, Chardavoyne Electric, Chardavoyne Plumbing, and other contractors  Early
Renovations  Quality Rentals Oneonta  2000- Present
Award Award for best renovated rental in Oneonta, New York  2010
Real Estate Management Took on the management of other owners properties in Rockland County NY and later in Oneonta, NY  1990- Present
Commemoration Attended the commemoration in Darmstadt Germany for my dad’s construction trade school which he and my mother founded after WWII (1947-8)  to help Holocaust survivors have a trade, and before emigrating to Israel for a new life filled with hope and promise.  2011


Where When
Assisted Family Owned Businesses Newark & Springfield & Bradley Beach, NJ. Family businesses included restaurant, health food store, deli, neighborhood grocery, and beach stand 1950’s
Short Order Cook East West Center, University of Hawaii 1960’s
Restaurant Captain Beefstake House (before becoming vegetarian)  1960’s


Where When
  • Chardavoyne Barn (Gurdjieff Group);
  • Omega Institute Café,
  • Zegg Community, Germany,
  • Durika Community, Costa Rica,
  • Gary Null Natural Living Radio Show;
  • National Intentional Communities Conference (Twin Oaks Community); Organized
  • Community Garden (Oneonta, NY);
  • Meetups – Raw Food Educational. Meetups, with films and potlucks, and activating a Gabriel Counsens’ Branch of the Tree of Life


Activism Where When
Student Activist Student activist in late 1960’s at NYU, with SDS and other groups. Protested in Washington DC  1960’s
Worked against Food Irradiation Food & Water, Inc – original founder, an organization that worked against food  irradiation worldwide, and under the leadership of Dr. Wally Burnstein; Since Wally’s passing, name seems to have been borrowed by Food & Water Watch.  1980’s
Supporting Alternative Healthcare Organized Committee for Nutritional Pro-Choice – formed organization (lobbying against a law   in NJ that would have outlawed alternative nutritional advice  1990’s
Exploring Consciousness IONS study group – lead discussion group on consciousness and global mind change in NYC 1990’s
Against GMOS Americans for Safe Food. founded this organization to sponsor public
forums on genetically modified foods (two public and one college forum) and carried out lobbying campaigns for local and national legislation; co-sponsored a larger forum with Ralph Nader as the keynote speaker.
Environmental College Advisor: Hartwick Greens, Grassroots Environmental Club, Amnesty International  2000-2001
Environmental Organized local sustainability group, Oneonta NY  2003
Progressive Politics Campaign manager Dennis Kucinich for President, Otego County NY District  2004
Living Foods Lifestyle Monthly meetups in Oneonta NY at the Green Earth and with speakers like Matt and Angela Monarch of www.rawfoodworld.com  and Steve Meyerowitz ( Sproutman) http://www.sproutman.com/  2009


Where When
Liberal Arts Studies Courses in drawing, film history, creative dance, piano and art history; Washington Square College, NYU  1966-70
 Assistant Film Editor Raymond Corwin Productions, NYC  1967
Stained Glass Apprentice Worked for six months with Irving Farber, a master lamp maker and Holocaust survivor, in Westwood, NJ  1970’s
Gurdjieff Dance Movements Studied for 5 years at Chardavoyne Barn  1970’s
Tibetan Tanka Painting Studied with visiting monks at Hartwick College  2000


Where When
  Web 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods ; web published and linked to by hundreds of sites. www.raw-wisdom.com/50harmfulTranslated into Spanish http://www.raw-wisdom.com/gen%C3%A9ticamente_modificados 2000
Earth Times Genetic Roulette,  April/May issue 2001 Earth Times  2001
 ICSA Changing Our Vision of Nature on the Threshold of a New MillenniumFor the Proceedings of the 7th International Communal Studies Conference of the International Communal Studies Association, held at Zegg Community, Berliz, West Germany, www.ic.org/icsa/docs/ICSA_eBook.pdf  2001
 Zegg Community  Photographic Exhibit: Right/Left Brain Ways of Seeing Nature, presented in conjunction with the same international conference at the  Zegg Community; paid for by grant form Hartwick College.  2001
Fox Cancer Care Center Prepared Holistic Resource list for the Fox Cancer Care Center in Oneonta NY  2002
Delaware County Career Coalition Prepared paper on Support Group Resources  2002
All & Everything Conference Gurjieff’s Enneagramatic View – A Path to Superseding Modern Physics’ and Chemistry’s Understanding of Nature, Published in proceedings of the 7th Annual All & Everything Humanities Conference, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK Abintra Books, http://www.aandeconference.org/proceedings-2002  2002
Call to Earth Response to Ken Liberman’s Essay – Reprise: The Emerging Discourse at the Meeting of the International Association of Environmental Philosophy. Published in Call to Earth – The International Journal for Environmental Philosophy.  2002
GMO Activism Talks
  • Recent Food Related Impacts of Genetic Engineering (Macro-Vegan Club)
  •  In Defense of Otsego County Biotech Moratorium Resolution (Otsego County, NY)
  •  On the Importance of the Genetic Engineering Issue (Green party Social, Oneonta)
  • Why the Rest of the World is Laughing at US (Hartwick College)
  •  You Are What you Eat – A Community Forum on Genetically Engineered Foods (Hartwick College)
  •  Genetic Engineering and Our Food (Oneonta Unitarian Universalist Church)
  •  Genetically Engineered Foods – Promises vs. Reality (Cooperstown Forum))
Hartwick College Third Party Alternatives in the November Election, talk at Hartwick College  2002
Sierra Atlantic Chilling Trends in Genetic Violence, Sierra Atlantic Vol 30, Winter Issue http://www.newyork.sierraclub.org/Sierra%20Atlantic/SierraAtlantic-2003-Winter.pdf  2003
IAEP Non-sustainability and the Math-Based Vision of Nature, presented at the International Association for Environmental Philosophy conference, Boston MA
Binghamton University The Phenomenology of Aphasic, Autistic and Pre-Verbal Metaphysics. Pro-seminar, Binghamton University  2003
Hartwick College Lecture on Intentional Communities, Sustainability Lecture Series  2003
Hartwick College Film presentation and lecture Visions of Utopia, Living in Intentional Communities  2003
Oneonta Community Lectures Secrets of Health and Vitality – 5 month course given for free in Oneonta, NY  2004-5
Oracle 20/20 Genetically Modified Foods Parts I-IV serially published in Oracle 20/20 Beginning October 2007 http://www.oracle20-20.com/  2007
University of Arizona Naturolism: Seeing the Organizing Principles of Life & Consciousness at the Depth Core of Nature – Rather Than What Is Robotic/Mechanical/Mathematical: Poster Display at Towards a Science of Conscious Conference, University of Arizona. http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu/2008PosterSession.htm  2008
ASSC Same poster session for the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness held in Taipei Taiwan http://www.theassc.org/  2008
On the Web Created Website Raw-wisdom.comwith partner Melinda Elliott. Website originally intended to promote the philosophy of raw-wisdom, seeing our world in a right brain dominant way, holistic and healing  2009
Raw Spirit Festival – East Lecture on Genetically Modified Foods in Washington, DC. CD tape was produced containing the lecture  2009
Raw Food Meetup Lecture and power point entitled Seven Waves of Healing  2009
Oneonta Farmers Market Lecture on Organics  2009
Binhamton University Submitted Dissertation Prospectus entitled Raw Wisdom: Shifting from a Death-Centered to a Life-Centered Worldview. Prospectus was academically accepted and thus became ABD (all but dissertation) in their PIC PhD program.  2009
On the Web Published  Synopsis of  The China Study  2009
Promoting Infrared Saunas Attended and/or booth-displayed  Relax infrared sauna at conferences and health expos: Weight Loss Expo (Kingston NY), Vegetarian Expo (Saratoga Springs), Awakening Expo (Westchester, NY), NYC Raw Food & Yoga (NYC), Body, Mind and Spirit (PA), Raw Spirit Festival (Arizona) and Boston Vegetarian  2009-10
On the Web Started www.healingtalks.comsite. Approximately 700 posts to this blog since 2009. Ranking fluctuates and has been among the 40-75,000 top sites in the US.  2009-to Present
On the Web Started Shinningstarmiracles site on Youtube, see http://www.youtube.com/user/ShiningStarMiracles?feature=watch with Melinda Lichter Elliot. This including videos on raw-wisdom and daily posts of Melinda’s juicefeast, monthly meetup events, etc. Total of 212 videos posted. Have since formed  http://www.youtube.com/user/healingtalks  2009
Book project Wrote half of a text on Natural Healing, awaiting completion and made 14 phone and/or video interviews with sprouting masters.  2010
Radio Radio interview by Rhio, raw food and environment activist in NYC  2010
On the Web Set up www.relaxsauna.net to promote infrared saunas  2011



Where When
 Marathons Ran 4 NY City Marathons as a member of the Gary Null Natural Living Running and Race Walking Club 1989-1993
 Racewalking 5K Racewalk – Twice won Rockland Lake’s race walking competition  Early 1990s
Senior NY   Olympics Came in 5th in 5K state-wide competition for seniors  2009
15 races Went to a larger running schedule after modifying my diet with more living foods. Ran a total of 15 races (compared to 3 the year before) and came in first in my age group in 7 of those races. Ran a 15k and three track meets.  2011
27 races Competed in 27 races in 2012, including 5 half-marathons and came in either first, second or third in my age group in 21 of those races. Came in first in my age group in the Fight for Air Climb 30 floor stair climbing competition at Ft Lauderdale. My half marathon times were better this year than in 1995, or 17 years earlier. In 2013 ran 17 races; in 2014 ran 20 races and nationally ranked as a triathlete. 2012-2014


 Place/Date of Birth Darmstadt, Germany 10/15/49
 Emigration & Citizenship Emigration 1957; US Citizen
 Relationship Status Married Ellen Schonwald, and had  two children with her; subsequently divorced and married Myra Plitt. Eight year relationship with Dorothy Strachman, four years with Melinda Lichter Elliott until she passed away in 2010
 Hobbies Organic gardening/sprouting, piano and chess



Institution Honors/Accomplishments Dates
Hebrew Academy
Newark, NJ
Religious Yeshiva - Completed Hebrew and Aramaic Religious Studies  1961
Gaudineer Jr High School
Springfield, NJ
Conventional Studies  1962
Fairleigh Dickenson University
Public TV Channel 13 Affiliation
Math Prodigy – Passed Exam Integral/Differential Calculus proctored final at age 12  Summer 1962
High Schools
Springfield, NJ & Hillsdale, NJ
Math Prodigy (Cont.) Ranked first in class;
Exams – Highest scores in college entrance exams:(2 perfect 800 achievement math scores; 772 in physics); Captain high school chess club; won regional (tri-high school) math competition; high school math award in junior year.


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