McDonald’s Abandons Its Restaurants in Bolivia as Bolivians Reject Fast Food

McDonald’s Leaves Bolivia / HealingTalks   (Healingtalks) McDonald’s  is the world’s largest restaurant chain. It has 34,480 restaurants in 119 countries. But that doesn’t especially impress Bolivians. McDonald’s has tried for the past 14 years to make a go of it in Bolivia and has finally called it quits and closed More...

By From Across The Web On Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Major Victory For US Raw-Organic Almond Growers

Breaking Story 08/11/2010 The USDA nearly destroyed US raw organic almond business by forcing the toxic fumigation and pasteurization of their product. A federal appeals court just ruled that California farmers More...


Obama’s picks pesticide lobbyist as US agri-trade representative Isi Siddiqui

(Healingtalks) This fellow, Isi Siddiqui, with a Bush-like smile is pretty scary to me!Remember when First Lady Michelle Obama was recently attacked for championing a wonderful little organic garden at the White More...

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