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HEALING US | Healing Talks

105-Year-Old Cyclist Sets Record

French cyclist Robert Marchand, at the age of 105, appears to have so much aerobic fitness, comparable to a 50-year old, that he is a world-record holder. In January, 2017, Marchand peddled 14 miles during an hour race, setting a global record for someone his age. Five years ago, in the same event category, he set the record for someone 100 and up. His More...


Ultimate Compost Guide – Sure Fire Ways to Improve Plant Growth

How would you like but vibrant flowers, plump and sweet vegetables, fresh green leaves, robust and nutrient-filled roots and stems.and/or healthy seeds yielding hearty new sprouts. These are some of the descriptions More...


Open Letter to All Senators on US Senate Agricultural, Nutrition and Forestry Committee

Tumor in Longest Running GMO Feeding Study Dear Senators: IN BRIEF – We urge members of the Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry Senate Committee to vote against any voluntary GMO labeling law, and any amended More...


Cutting Edge Rehab Technologies

Source: University of Illinois at Chicago http://healthinformatics.uic.edu/resources/infographics/cutting-edge-rehabilitation-technologies/  More...


US Secretary of Agriculture Takes on the Labeling Issue

(Healingtalks): Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Agriculture, has called for a meeting of both sides of the GMO labeling issue to sit down and work out a compromise. The Dark Act was such a contentious issue so that More...


Amazing Facts About Eye Color

Eye Health at a Glance! Eye health is an important part of overall health, especially as we age. Unlike brushing doing something for our teeth every day, we kind of think our eyes can just take care of themselves. However More...


Senate’s Consideration of a GMO Labeling Law

HOUSE BILL 1599 AS NOW BEING CONSIDERED BY THE US SENATE Compiled by Nathan Batalion PhD This paper offers a highly organized and concise overview, condensing a great deal of information to arrive at the most important More...


Steve Meyerowitz (Sproutman) – The Passing of a Health Legend

It is with great sadness that I have to share the passing of a great friend and health teaching legend, Steve Meyerowitz, better known as the Sproutman.  This past Wednesday evening, September 9th, Steve was driving More...


Healing Somatic Meditations for Stress Disorders and Other Healing Releases

Healing Somatic Meditations (Healingtalks)  It seems significant that the term mindfulness appeared as the most popular adjective for meditation in a recent Google’s adjective search. There seems to be a More...


Just Bring to Light – Expanded Consciousness Heals

  (Healingtalks) It has been my view that consciousness, as such, is a healing force. This is brought out in my upcoming book called Raw-Wisdom: Healing Our Worldview, Ourselves, Each Other and the Planet.  Subscribe More...

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