Sweet zombies – how aspartame is dumbing us down and making us sick

(Healingtalks)  Aspartame is a very toxic chemical sugar substitute. Along with fluoride in our water supply, it has a cumulative effect of dumbing down our population to then become politically docile. Aspartame unlabeled  in your supermarket Like genetically modified ingredients, it is in such widespread use (and due to a similar political green More...

By Julian Georgiou On Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Sugar food addicts suffer drug-like withdrawal symptoms

 Julian Georgiou, Healingtalks Contributing Writer (Healingtalks) Research reveals that processed and sugary foods  have an addictive impact on the brain, and with withdrawal symptoms similar to that of drug More...

By Julian Georgiou On Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Caffeine overload in athletic sports or “energy” drinks

Dangerous caffeine overload in athletic sports or “energy” drinks Julian Georgiou, Healingtalks Contributing Writer (Healingtalks) When life couldn’t get any faster perhaps all that’s missing More...