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5 Foods that trigger a stroke – plus powerful stroke prevention tips

    (Healingtalks) Did you know that according to the National Stroke Association, stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, and is a rapidly growing health threat. The most common stroke is called “ischemic stroke,” which results from a blockage in a blood vessel supplying your brain. What’s behind the rise in More...

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Study showed daily intake of soft drinks with artificial sweetener increased strokes and heart attacks by 43%

(Healingtalks) Must see video for those who regularly drink so-called diet soft-drinks: Related Articles Artificial sweetener disease – a new illness Stop Illegal Frankensugar Judge Revokes Approval of Modified More...


Natural ways to prevent and treat Alzheimers

Natural Ways To Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor Introduction (Healingtalks) This post is about the utter desperation and frustration in modern More...

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Plant compound prevents brain inflammation

(Healingtalks) It has been our firm conviction that Altzheimer’s Disease as well as brain inflammations are really “consciousness diseases.”  There is evidence of epidemic levels of “consciousness More...

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