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Conventional Medicine | Healing Talks

Mainstream Media Admits Cures for Diabetes Exist; Calls It Remission In Interest of Big Pharma

By tamarawilhite Is Mainstream Media Hiding A Diabetes Cure?/ HealingTalks (HealingTalks) Diabetes has two leading causes. The first cause, the cause of Type 1 diabetes, is an autoimmune disorder. The immune system of a child or young adult attacks the pancreas, destroying the organ and the body’s ability to create insulin. Type 2 diabetes was More...

by Contributing Author | Published 6 years ago
By Rose On Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Most Important Natural Health News of 2012

The Biggest Natural Health News of 2012 / HealingTalks By mak_21 (HealingTalks) What’s really gone into our bodies this year? Food and pharmaceutical companies are still running unchecked, playing Russian More...

By Rose On Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Tainted Drugs Lead to Meningitis Outbreak and Serious Spinal Infections

    Tainted drugs lead to meningitis outbreak / HealingTalks   By Tamara Wilhite (HealingTalks) In late 2012, a meningitis outbreak was tied to methyprednisolone acetate, a injected steroid, that was More...


Academy of Pediatrics Claims Organic Food Is Not Healthier!

(Healingtalks)  On the invitation of the American Academia of Pediatrics, have a plate of poisons. Knock yourself out. When you and your family get sick, that will be a perfect time to come to us for help. Then More...


Big-Pharma insider speaks out

(Healingtalks) Gwen Olsen is an ex-pharmaceutical sales rep who abandoned the industry due to a moral obligation to speak out.Now Exposing Big Pharma Now Gwen devotes most of her time exposing the initiative by More...

Modern psychiatry – an industry itself psycho-ill and thus riddled with fraud and deception

(Healingtalks) As a partnership, the  modern psychiatric industry gets more funding from Big Pharma than any other medical specialty. See Corrupt Alliance of the Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Industry Here are three More...


Coroner covers up Whitney Houston’s cause of death on behalf of Big Pharma

(Healingtalks) What really happened to Whitney The day Whitney died (February 11th), it was reported that she took Xanax and Valium. Both belong to a diabolical group of meds called “benzos.” The coroner More...

Federal Death Administration (FDA) approves murder

(Healingtalks)  Our stance at Healingtalks is that most drug therapies, except in extreme emergencies, work diametrically against the essential nature of our bodies. There are many ways of proving this and our More...

By teresa On Friday, February 24th, 2012

Meth drug epidemic – our government, Big Pharma and Big Ag all feed it

(Healingtalks) The term American Heartland evokes positive images of self-sufficiency, economic well-being, and small town public safety. That image, however, was tarnished by Timothy McVeigh’s deadly bombing More...

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20 top drug-caused celebrity deaths and their significance

(Healingtalks) Who has not seen all those hugely deceptive TV ads with absolutely glowing and smiling actors trying to sell the general public on daily drug use? The real truths is that most drugs have major toxic More...

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