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Flouridation | Healing Talks

Fluoride Debate

(Healingtalks) The following video shows a highly informative debate between two proponents of public fluoridation of our waters and Michael Connett, attorney for Fluoride Action Network. The debate was aired March 21, 2013. Connetts arguments include the following. Added comments and links are provide to buttress this debate: 1) Benefits cited or More...


Fluoridation Position Paper for City of Oneonta

  CREDENTIALS – Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath In in contacting the Mayor on the fluoridation issue, my interest in health matters runs deep, being a focus for nearly 50 years. I have twice trained to More...


The Fluoride Deception

(Healingtalks): It has largely been hidden from the public, kept secret where it not  uncovered by investigative reporters Christopher Bryson and Joel Griffiths that fluoride science is corporate science. At first, More...


Censored connection between fluoridation of public waters and the Manhattan Project

(Healingtalks) The following information comes from an article by Chris Bryson and Joel Giffiths which was commissioned by Christian Science Monitor in 1997 but was suppressed and had to be published in Waste Not’s More...


10 Facts About Water Fluoridation

(Healingtalks) To give a synopsis of the following article,  most nations have banned water fluoridation. Such banning triggered no rise in any cavity levels. At the same time, water fluoridation has been shown More...


Is there a link between fluoridation of public water and the arthritis epidemic?

(Healingtalks) Arthritis affects a third of all Americans. Though poorly researched, many signs point to flouride, depending on the degree of exposure, either contributing significantly to skeletal decay or directly More...


Fluoridation and Cancer Risk Directly Linked

(Healkngtalks) Fluoride is indisputably a toxic substance tied to health complications in well-established and long-standing research. What is hugely upsetting is the research which shows a shocking link between More...


Heavy Metal Poisons Detected in Fluoride Used For US Water Supply

(Healingtalks) Based on findings in Natural News’s heavy metal detection labs. the fluoride commonly used in our public water has been found to contain  traces of arsenic, lead, tungsten, strontium, uranium, More...

New movie blows the lid on the fluoride industry lies and deceptions

(Healingtalks) Mining companies that need to dump their toxic fluoride are laughing all the way to the bank. So smile showing your fluoridated teeth and ….knowing America’s been had big time. Related More...

By Julian Georgiou On Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Is fluoridated water unsafe?

(Healingtalks) It may come as a startling surprise that fluoride is really a recognized toxic industrial waste chemical that is dumped irresponsibly into our public water supply to save certain mining industries More...

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