Obama’s picks pesticide lobbyist as US agri-trade representative Isi Siddiqui

Isi Siddiqui

(Healingtalks) This fellow, Isi Siddiqui, with a Bush-like smile is pretty scary to me!Remember when First Lady Michelle Obama was recently attacked for championing a wonderful little organic garden at the White House?  The organizer of that protest has now been nominated as America’s chief agricultural negotiator for our international trade agreements.

Siddiqui’s career

Issi Siddiqui career has been fighting bans on various environmentally hazardous pesticides. He worked to minimize or eliminate restrictions on pesticides in NAFTA, advocated for pesticides as a treatment for bee colony collapse disorder though pesticides appear to be a leading cause. As a lobbyist he succeeded in exempting US farmers from a worldwide ban on anti-fungal methyl bromide, a rather powerful contributor to ozone depletion in our atmosphere.

Siddiqui’s defenders point to his having implemented the original organic label at  USDA. However, under Siddiqui,  the USDA actually attempted to weaken — some say kill — the original organic standards by using overriding guidelines that Siddiqui had proposed. The USDA organic label as given to us by Siddiqui’s office would have allowed sewage sludge, irradiation, GMOs, and some synthetic pesticides! It would have made the label meaningless.

Update on Siddiqui

nThis blog post, published December 6, 2009, called for readers to help  stop Siddiqui’s nomination, but to no avail as he was nominated and served, until December 2013, the President’s agenda to cow tow to Big-Ag’s demands.

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Siddiqui is far from the only Big-Ag and GMO appointee, USDA head,Tom Vilsack, comes from Monsanto:

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