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Infrared sauna benefits | Healing Talks

Infrared sauna benefits


Infrared sauna benefits

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Far infrared rays are similar to those of the sun, of which about 80% are on the infrared spectrum, with far infrared being more healing and as discovered by Japanese researchers some decades ago.

Higher level of detoxification

The rays of an infrared sauna  cause us to sweat more profusely, enhancing the detox experience profoundly. Quantified, it can be as such as 10 times more. As a result, we can remove far more pollutants and toxic heavy metals from our bloodstream and from throughout the intracellular fluids.

 Weight loss

Even a short sauna session for about half an our a day can result in substantial weight loss as calories are burnt off as we sweat.

Mental clarity

As the mind thinks more clearly, we can better accomplish our life goals and with ease.  

Memory improvement

We all have been embarrassed by not remembering someone’s name. At critical times this can cost us, and we don’t want to gradually slip into an Alzheimerish state. Along with helping to attain mental clarity, regular sauna use tends to improve memory.

Skin benefis

With a good sweat, pores are readily opened and excess fats and blemishes diminish.  There may be pimple breakouts as one first uses a sauna on a regular basis. This eventually helps clear and cleanse the skin.

Speeds wound healing

An example of speeded-up healing is where a diabetic leg ulcers has cleared up in just 7 weeks time using infrared ray treatements to improve circulation all around.

Aches diminished

Aches are reduced as the body cleanses itself of toxins.

Sleeping more deeply

A short sauna before bedtime can help one sleep  more soundly.

Sweat as in a gym workout

A sauna session can enhance the benefits of a workout. Or if one does not have time for a workout, the sauna can at least help to cleanse our skin and promote circulation.  With athletes, sauna use can speed recovery.

Summing up

Infrared sauna benefits can mount with frequent use, enhancing all the other natural health modalities we may practice and apply.  For more information visit fir relax sauna.

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  1. Terrence Silver says:

    I like your blog and everything you say I know to be true because I use a infrared sauna too. What you didn’t mention is the good feeling of being alive that comes from being detoxed. It cures depression too.

  2. When referring to Infrared it’s difficult to limit to only 10 health benefits. Great article and very accurate. Technology has changed greatly in the past 10 years with infrared. There are numerous NASA studies that also show many health benefits of NEAR Infrared (NIR) as well as FAR (FIR). Here is a great blog post detailing the new research behind NIR: http://blog.sunlighten.com/2010/06/michelle-robin-endorses-infrared-saunas

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading your article! Thanks Nathan & Cheers~

  3. jane lee says:

    Infrared Sauna really offers cleansing properties not just in our skin yet also in health.
    It relieves stress above all and fight illness. As my personal experience, it really makes my body feels good and healthy!

    Try it in your own and you will never regret! Thanks for your post anyways, it made me realized to build my own Sauna room someday.

  4. Rachel Blasco says:

    Thank you for sharing, Nathan! Do you use infrared heat therapy in your practice? 

  5. Infrared heat has many advantages. It can be used to treat various health problems such as to treat skin problems. The main advantage of it is that it increase metabolism rate which then burn calories.

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