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This program is designed to help reverse chronic systemic ailments by going deep to treat the cause. We want to bring back the vital, life-giving energies into the body and take out what has been sapping the same – toxins, acids, synthetic chemical traces, heavy-metals and lower life forms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses). We alternates a week of intensive nourishment with three meals a day and a series of juices with a week of detoxification . We continue following this program for a minimum of 90 days or until the disease signs and symptoms are no longer present.

With both weeks there is a high level of hydration therapy. Water brings life out of every seed. So we want to bring that kind of force out of our own body and using juices and other cleansing fluids for this task. The intensive nourishing week includes three meals a day plus thirteen juices. The intensive detox week includes the same number of juices when one includes cleaning drinks. During both  periods we use saunas, enemas (colonics if available) and mild exercise as well as periods of quiet meditation to reconnect the whole inner body-mind-spirit.

It should be noted that it is best to make your 11-13 daily juices fresh throughout the day and using a slow-oxidizing juicer. We recommend the Hurom Juicer. You can use the same for making citric juice or an inexpensive citric presser. A bit more time consuming and alternatively you can employ a good blender like Vitamix or Blendtec to blend foods and then strain out the liquid using a  nut milk bag.

Be sure to buy only organic produce to make the juices and meals. If not found locally, there are Internet delivery services.

We also add organic green powders to our drinks to give a broader spectrum of minerals and vitamins. These can be alternatively gotten in capsule form. We recommend having several different kinds to alternate and rotate the greens. Vita-Mineral Greens and Pure Synergy are among the best green supplements – organic and raw –  and can be gotten from our affiliate the Raw Food World along with most other supplements  listed elsewhere. You can also look for alternative brands at your local health food store and chose  those with the broadest spectrum of organic greens. Don’t compromise on the organics. Eat or take less if one is on a tight budget.

If you experience hunger during the intensive eating week, grab an extra fruit (or if on a Phase I diet a “vegetable fruit” like a tomato). Or you can be creative in between meal treats with your blender or dehydrator. With the detox week, drink some extra fresh citric juice and add stevia to sweeten it. This will all help with the cravings.

If you know ahead of time you will be rushed or away from home, it may be necessary to make some juices for later consumption. If this happens, fill several mason jars full to the top so the juice can only minimally oxidize. Add a tablespoon of Vitamin C  or camu camu powder (naturally rich in vitamin C) or two tablespoons of lemon or lime to each jar to help keep them fresh.

It is important to chose deep green vegetables and to vary them in making juices and salads. There are many to chose from like kale, collards, bok choy, dandelion leaves, lettuce, parsley, aloe vera,  mint, cabbage and so on.

Use a little carrot, tomato, sweet peppers, a small apple and/or some stevia – all in moderation. Creativity here is a plus.

All the prepared juices during our 90 day healing program are diluted with water. Water is the greatest of healers and we should make sure we have a clean source or water that is filtered at the tap. Always begin the day with some form of hydration – drinking water, juices, taking a sauna and enema. Adding citric juice, green powder ingredients, baking soda, and alkalizer mixes available at health food stores will further alkalize the water.

Throughout the 90 day rainbow cleanse it is essential to use some form of enema. We recommend, following the research of Dr. Max Gerson, a coffee enema as being the most potent and with a use at least first thing in the morning and at the end of each day.One can do more if one has the time and inclination and if the condition is severe. You can get 100% organic coffee from our affiliate source. If you click their enema equipment website tab you can order any necessary equipment and/or supplies. Alternatively we have available  a stainless steel bucket which is easier to keep clean. If you have the services of a colon therapist nearby, this can be an added plus. If you have an allergic reaction and can’t tolerate any caffeine, as happens in rare instances, then straight water is an option with some backing soda to alkalinize the water.  Another option is to add some green juices, especially wheatgrass to the enema water. It can further be squirting it the anus after an enema cleanse with a syringe). This follows the work of Ann Wigmore. First see if you can tolerate the coffee enema as this is the most powerful. It is worth the preparation time. Full instructions are given in this blog under the enema category.

The next blog will be on the diet preparation fo the 90 day rainbow cleanse.

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