90-day rainbow diet cleanse – afternoon schedule

rainbow diet

(Healingtalks) See previous morning schedule blog for details on what is included in the juices.

Afternoon schedule  

12:30 Meditation
15 minutes of quiet and stillness. See out article on guided meditation.

1:00 Green  Juice #4
Use the same instructions as for the morning. It is important to vary the keep the organic greens to avoid allergic reactions, such as to oxalic acid in spinach.

2:30 Green  Juice # 5
Same diluted formula, again vary the greens.

4:00 Green  Juice # 6
Same diluted formula, again vary the greens.

5:00 Citric Juice III
Take 4 Pancreatin. Here also it is important to vary the organic citric used.  The choices include lemons, limes, grapefruit, pineapples, an various types of oranges.

5:30 Green  Juice # 7
Same diluted formula, again vary the greens.

rainbow food continuum6:00 Light  Dinner
This can be similar to lunch, but with smaller servings. Preferably to eat this meal while it is still daylight.

7:00   Green  Juice # 8
Same diluted formula, again vary the greens.

7:30 Evening coffee enema
See  enema instructions under the blog category: Coffee Enemas. This details the procedures, preparations and supplies needed.

8:00 Evening sauna
20-30 Minutes. This is a good time in the portable FIR home saunas to read a book, listen to music, meditate or otherwise nourish the inner soul.

8:30: Citric Juice # 4
This is the last citric juice for the day with 4 Pancreatin. Don’t miss this as the Pancreatin can then
work throughout the night to help internally digest the protein coating of cancer cells in the blood and
in tumor

9:00 Shower/Bathe & Prepare For Sleep
Here we advise a mild skin brushing. This can be wet using a very mildly abrasive nylon-fiber scouring pad (normally used for dishes) or a dry-skin brush after the shower. This helps stimulate the largest detox organ of the body and removes toxins and dead cells.

rainbow food dish_________________________________________________________________________________________________


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