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90-day rainbow diet cleanse – basics | Healing Talks

90-day rainbow diet cleanse – basics

rainbow food and rainbow
(Healingtakes) There are three types or phases of diet that can be followed. If there is candida, fungus, virus or any other micro-organism infection, it is best to sugar-starve these micro-critters with what we call a Phase I diet. Otherwise we recommend a Phase 1.5 or intermediate diet. We have a chart available that outlines the food choices. This is based on the combined research work of Dr. Robert Young and Gabriel Cousens.

Moderate “heavy” digesting vegan foods – nuts, seeds and beans

When eating seeds, nuts or beans, it is always a plus to first sprout or soak them overnight (with a drop of hydrogen peroxide to prevent molds) – and then eat them as fresh as can be. Most individuals with chronic ailments have a lack of sufficient digestive enzymes – so eating any large quantities of a heavy food is a no-no. They can be made less heavy via sprouting and blending, Keep sprouts refrigerated. Ultimately all nuts, seeds and beans trigger some degree of acidity, not as much as animal flesh products,  so again they should be taken in, in great moderation or small quantities – like a handful of nuts as treat.  Overall the ideal protein level in a diet is 5% or less of caloric intake and most vegetables provide that amply. We only eat bean protein products, like soy, on a quite rare occasion. Almonds and sunflower seeds, when soaked overnight are more alkaline – and the best way to take their protein in is via blending them and then straining the milk through a nut milk bag.

Three meals

We recommend keep breakfast light to extend the overnight fast. Make lunch the main meal when the digestive enzymes are the strongest. Thus dinner should also be on the light side.

In between soups, snacks, raw-chips

At any time of the day one can have a snack or some warming soup made by pouring hot water over your favorite ingredients rather than cooking the soup. Alternatively one can make a quick blend in the blender or chew on some chips made in the dehydrator.

Seaweed or algae

We recommend a daily intake of one or another kind of seaweed or sea algae- whether in soups, salad dressings, blends or as part of at least one meal a day. They provide needed trace minerals.

No oils

Instead of oils one can add small amounts of avocado, flax, chia, and or coconuts to the diet – all of which provide healthy fats. Put flax seeds into a coffee grinder and you have a ground meal that can be added to a cereal, salad, soup and many other recipes. This follows the advise of the groundbreaking work of Dr. Esselstyne.


The daily schedule lists additional supplements that are taken with the juices.

rainbow salad

For more detailed instructions on diet we recommend Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ Rainbow Green Live-Cuisine. It and other best raw food vegan uncook books can be gotten from www.raw-wisdom.com/store

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