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Our unique program was conceived and designed by Nathan Batalion ND.He helped conceive, fund and organize the Gerson Wellness Center at Sedona which treated  chronically ill patients with the Gerson natural therapy. Here he attempts to take the very best of major natural treatments such as those developed by Drs. Max Gerson, Bernard Jenson, Linas Pauling, John Tilden, William D. Keller, Dean Ornish, Caldwell B. Esselstyn,  T. Colin Campbell, Sasaki Kyuo, Robert O. Young, Joel Fuhrman, Morris Keller, and Gabriel Cousens. By combining all this healing knowledge and wisdom, we can arrive at the most powerful of natural therapies on the planet.

This approach also follows our philosophy of Raw-wisdom or “naturolism” The name of this philosophy indicates the intent to support naturopathy. This philosophy was as originated by Nathan Batalion ND through live-long experiences described in his bio. This unique philosophy guides us to see how life and consciousness are at the core of nature (not the mechanical, math-based atomic model of Sir Issac Newton) and thus that life and consciousness also reside at the deepest core and foundation of all of ourselves – mind, body and spirit. Therefore we need to support and  bring out those living forces, and not just kill a disease or elicit mechanical/dead-ridden, machine-like patterns out being.

The combined documentation for the effectiveness of all these natural therapies upon which the 90-Day Rainbow Diet-Detox Cleanse is based is legion. Here we have listed just thirteen of the major prior pioneers:

Dr. Max Gerson
Gerson, back in the 1930’s,  pioneered a degenerative disease protocol that used massive amounts of freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices along with coffee enemas.

Dr. Bernard Jenson
Jenson provided a mass of information on the central imp
ortance of colon health and the use of colonic cleansers.

Dr. Linas Pauling
Pauling discovered the important roles of Vitamin C in reversing disease and preserving life force.

Dr. John Tilden
Tilden recognized that toxemia is at the root of all illnesses and that therefore we need to perpetually detoxify; that we need to intensely take synthetic chemicals out of, not into our bodies.

Dr. William Keller
Keller championed the use of pancreatic enzymes alongside.

Dr. Dean Ornish
Ornish trailed a the blaze for using a vegetarian/vegan diet along with meditation and other lifestyle changes.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Esselstyn added research on eliminating processed oils to improve circulation

Dr. T. Colin Campbell
Campbell conducted the groundbreaking China Study, a free summary of which we have published.

Dr. Sasaki Kyuo
Kyuo gathered extensive research information on how far infrared rays were effectively used to reverse dozens of chronic ailments.

Dr.  Robert Young
Young put together the startling findings on the importance of alkaline fluids in the body.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Fuhrman researched  the most nutrient-dense foods.

Dr Morris Keller
Keller devised a synthetic and alternative week approach to diet/detox procedures.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Cousens perfected the careful use of raw vegan methods to help turnaround degenerative diseases.

The above list is not all-inclusive. There are still more pioneers. Combining all this tremendous wealth of information, research and experience, plus the guidance of a revolutionary philosophy of nature – Raw wisdom – provides the basis for our unique 90-Day Rainbow Diet/Detox Cleanse.

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