Benefits of FIR detox sauna– Part I

fir suanas

(Healingtalks) Far Infrared  or FIR saunas are really fun to have at home – especially the portable sauna or canvas type. It helps create a home spa and offers many basic health benefits.

Sun’s healing rays

FIR rays emulate the sun’s rays, the majority of which have been proven to be infrared. The use of the home sauna simulates a sweating workout.

Saunas create passive sweat

It creates passive sweat that takes out, rather than produces, lactic and other acids. NASA found it highly beneficial to use FIR because this stimulated the astronauts’ circulation in lieu of  exercise which was not possible in a weightless atmosphere. I use a model called the Relax Sauna, especially on days in between my running workouts.

FIR sauna boots detox

We know that FIR rays penetrate the skin more deeply and thus produce a deeper detox. The heat melts fats to remove toxins, helps heal tissues as it stimulates circulation, and all in all, slows the aging process.

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