Coffee enemas – how they work to detoxify the body

coffee enema

(Healingtalks) Coffee contains choleretics. They speedd the outflow of bile from the gallbladder to enhance detoxification.The effectiveness of coffee enemas is found often in medical literature and has no toxic side-effects.

Enzyme systems

Max Gerson, M.D. founder of the Gerson Institute and Gerson Diet Therapy, recognized that coffee enema is also effective in helping complex enzyme system. The activity, for example, of the glutiathione enzyme system is increased by about 600%. Not only is enzyme activity increased, but free-radical activity is lessened and cancer0causing elements  are thwarted. Free-radical production plays a role in bringing about degenerative disease such as cancer and heart disease.

Dilation and relaxation

Caffeine also causes a dilation of our blood vessels and relaxation of our smooth muscle, which further increases bile flow. This same effect does not happen when we drink coffee.


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