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Why detox or do an internal body cleanse

 cleansing-the-body why detox

 Why Detox or Do an Internal Body Cleanse

By Nathan Batalion PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) There are important reasons to detox or do a deep and internal body cleanse. When we build up a good sweat, one great means of detoxing, we remove vast accumulations of toxins from not only our skin but ultimately deeper or what is ever more brought to the surface. We’ve absorbed poisons because they are everywhere nowadays– in our soil, waterways, air, soil and bodies!

Chemical pollution

We potentially can absorb up to 250,000 synthetic chemicals present into our environment . About 20,000 of these chemicals, according to the EPA, cannot be easily metabolized. This means they can get stuck inside our bodies without being broken down and excreted. As a result, the Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 80% of Americans suffer from some form of environmentally-triggered illness and 1 in 4 have serious conditions of heavy metal poisoning. We can avoid chemical exposures at work, at home, and in our gardens –  by using water and air filters and buying non-toxic paints, cleansers etc. One of the prime sources of pollution, however, is our food supply!

Nearly 10,000 chemicals are employed in their processing and storage, about 3,000 in foods directly. Sorting through this, the greatest risk comes from super-toxins, like DDT, that remain in our fat deposits in a non-biodegradable way or with a long half-life. Approximately 1,000 of such chemicals pose serious carcinogenic health risks ( probably much more in combinations).

Every year the EPA culls human tissue samples and finds DDT in 100% of  those samples! It has been estimated that 95% of cancers are caused by environmental and dietary factors. As a result, we virtually all need to detox.

It’s in all of us

While I was born before the advent of global environmental pollution in the 1940’s. Nowadays, unlike then, we find toxic residues virtually everywhere, even in the mother’s placenta that surrounds human embryos to be born!  We find pollution also in the most remote regions of the planet, like Antarctica. Thus no one can escapes this global impact.

Reversing chemical pollution

What we can do is reverse things. Melinda and I regularly engage in juice and water fasts, colonics, liver and kidney cleanses, and you name it. We also take far infrared saunas to powerfully detox on a daily basis.  This produces  more sweating than with exercise. We have 3 million sweat glands in our bodies, so let’s use them! If we do these daily saunas  remember that living in such a polluted world, it may take  months and sometimes years to clear all the deep-seated chemical residues we have and to begin to drive one’s life more at full-speed.

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  1. Can this be utilized by someone only needing to lose around 10 pounds?

  2. batalionn says:

    Not too wise to lose a lot of weight in a toxic body or without doing a detox at the same time. Otherwise you end up with the same concentration of toxins in smaller body or in less fat deposits – which increases the risks of cancer plus makes one crave foods to start a diet lose/gain yo yo effect.

  3. You are a very smart person!

  4. Thank you for the aid!

  5. Yep herbal supplements are the best as most of the time the ingredients are 100% natural and with this methods you can go about your daily work – I mean you can’t stay at home all day all because you’re detoxing can you?

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