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7 Highly Effective Fitness Habits | Healing Talks

7 Highly Effective Fitness Habits

7 Highly Effective Fitness Habits

7 Highly Effective

Fitness Habits

By Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Editor Healingtalks

(Healingtalks) In the popular book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey points out seven effective habits that will change your life. It’s a popular book in the business world but why stop there? Let’s apply his habits to health and fitness.

Habit 1:

Be Proactive

Everything that you do, from sleep, to food, dealing with stress, and exercise, affects the health of your body and involves choices.Choose to go back for a second helping of Thanksgiving dinner, and there is a consequence. Take a month off of exercise – consequence. Being proactive means simply that you understanding ALL your choices impact your goals.

Habit 2:

Begin with the End Goal in Mind

Setting goals is the only way to get to where you’re going. Have you ever just gotten in your car, and started driving without a goal or destination? Did you end up where you wanted to go? Try this exercise. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Turn the paper long ways, and put a dot on either end of the paper. Now, put the point of the pen on one of the dots. While looking only at the point of the pen, draw a line to the other dot. Now, draw two new dots, and do the exercise again, only this time only look at the dot on the other side of the paper. When done, look at which line is straighter, and has fewer squiggles.

Habit 3:

Put First Things First or Prioritize

In all aspects of life, we must prioritize. You should take a weekly and even daily inventory of what those things are.
After completing Habit #2, your health and fitness should be included somewhere on this list. Depending on just how important your health and fitness is to you will determine its place on said list. Good idea to number your priorities on a short scale say 1-4. Then rearrange the list with all 1’s together, etc. Each day, those 1’s have to get done. When those are done, go to the 2’s, etc. If you get to any of the 4’s that’s, awesome. If not, they will wait.

Habit 4:

Think Win-Win

Including others into your goals in a win-win way. Get together with friends, workers, and family to run, take hikes, have healthy meals, go to the gym, etc.

Habit 5:

Seek to Understand, Rather Than to Be Understood

Don’t preach or try to look superior.  When exercising with other people; everybody has different skills and abilities. Some may not be able to keep up with you, or you with them.  Understand what you know,  while being thoughtful and respectful to others – and later this may lead to others wanting to know what you know.

Habit 6:


Find strengths in others and put them to use for the benefit of the team. If you did habit 4 and 5, you probably already have some people in mind that can help you out. Look for unique skills in others that can be brought together. Now you run with the neighbor on Tuesday, lift weights with the receptionist’s husband on Thursday, and play b-ball with your cousin on Saturday.

Habit 7:


If you use a saw it will go dull over time. If you sharpen it, it will again cut wood. Constantly change things around, the way you exercise, detox, meditate, and eat. keep things alive. Don’t fall into a dead, mechanical routine.  Change training partners and settings.
Keep things fresh. If you do this your body, mind and spirit will be challenged to adapt and to reach new heights.

Also here is the author’s audio on the 8th Habit!

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Based on an article by Todd Boyer at PhitZone.com

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