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7 Simple tips to shed belly fat fast and forever | Healing Talks

7 Simple tips to shed belly fat fast and forever

six pack couple(Healingtalks)  Here are a few basic and best tips to help shed belly fat:

I  Seven basic recommendations

-  Reduce all forms of sugar consumption

Eat as close to zero grams of sugars as you can.  This keeps your insulin levels low. It keeps your glucagon levels high. Glucagon is a hormone that helps your belly stay flat. How do you best do that? Sugars, in quantity, will all affect your insulin metabolism. This impacts your body’s fat loss and retention and your amount of muscle buildup.

  • LIMIT PORTIONS OF FRUIT – Eat more fresh veggies than fruits, because even fruits contain high amounts of fructose. Fruits are best eaten in the morning or midday when you can burn off the sugars.
  • LIMIT PORTIONS OF GRAINS – as the intake of grains and grain byproducts breaks down into sugars. As a result,  high fructose corn syrup is made out of corn, and rice syrup is made out of rice.  Again eat the sugar forming foods early in the day.
  • AVOID CONCENTRATED SUGARS – don’t add sugar to your coffee or favorite recipe; and avoid substituting with with artificial sweeteners.

-  Chew your food thoroughly

This prevents bloating, aides digestion and keeps you from adding unnecessary pounds in your belly. Add ample water to your diet, but between meals, as otherwise you dilute digestive enzymes.

- Eat smaller portions at a time 

This is so that your food is well digested and absorbed.

-  Eat especially less or no “refined” carbohydrates or other processed foods

This includes  cakes, breads, crackers, pretzels, chips, cookies, candies and pastries.It means steering away form canned and packaged meals. Replace processed foods with whole, organic, fresh and raw foods, as nature made them.

 –  Stay active all day

 –  Add healthy fats and proteins. The healthiest fats have Omega-3-6-9 combinations. Try  flax seed oil, coconut oil and/or fish oil. Avoid refined or heated oils. Substitute animal with plant-based proteins (beans, nuts, sprouts). We don’t need much protein to gain muscle, and often just a protein powder once a day will do.

-  Exercise regularly, and for 1-2 hours, three times a week

before and after flat abs

II – To get a six pack

You will need to do abdominal exercises. Here are a few guidelines as to the different muscle groups in your abs:

  • Upper abs: crunches / sit-ups
  • Lower abs: knee-ups and leg raises
  • Side obliques: punches, twists and side bridges
  • Deep core abs – pull in your belly button and surrounding abs when doing any of the above exercises

II – More general tips

  • How much - Try at least 2 sets of 3 types of different ab exercises in a workout.
  • How often - Do this 2-3 times a week allowing a rest in between. If you muscles are sore that means you need the rest before another workout.
  • Body fat – get “six-pack” abs, men need to get their body fat down to about six percent, and women around nine percent.

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