Learning the best core exercises

strong core(Healingtalks)  Learning the best of core exercises is vitally important for many vital reasons. Among them  are the following.

A strong core will:

  • Stabilize your spine
  •  Maintain an alignment between your pelvis and your spine
  •  Protect you against too much stress when you use your arms and legs
  • Provide energy that originates in your torso, which is then transferred to your arms and legs
  • Strengthen every other exercise or physical challenge you may encounter
  •  Or in the negative your core is weak, every other exercise you might do will be sub par.

Training the core thus becomes vital. But how best do you work the core?

There are a lot of options.

Are common core exercises the best?

Most core workouts include sit ups and crunches.

That may not be the best choice for you.

Creating stress on the spine

The following exercises put a lot of stress on your spine:

  • Traditional sit-up imposes approximately 730 pounds of compression on the spine.
  • Back extensions create 890lbs of compression on the spine.
  • Floor exercises such as the “Superman” inflict over 1300lbs of spinal load and compression.

That equals a lot of stress on your spine, but there are alternatives.

Better approaches to core strength

You don’t need to do millions of crunches to get your rock hard abs. Check out the video below from Nathane Jackson and you’ll see what we mean. It is wise, more fun and less exausting to get his kind of abs without the stress to your spine.

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