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I love to run, whether indoors on a treadmill or outdoors in the woods or around a track.

Some of my friends, however, love to run just outdoors. They can’t think of doing it otherwise. Yet for me on a humid or rainy day (and in the winter when it snows or hails fiercely) I very much prefer using a treadmill, at home or in the gym. Using a treadmill is a great way to very consistently burn calories, lose weight, firm up your leg muscles, tighten the abs and keep your heart optimally healthy. Combine the use of cardiovascular workouts with good nutrition, periodic detoxes, and adequate rest and sleep – and you will be on your way to priceless healthy living. In this regard, a treadmill offers more control over the whole process as you can exactly set such parameters on the machine as speed, incline and even heart rate (when a heart monitor is built in or at hand).

Here are some tips for using your treadmill to best burn calories and improve overall circulation:

FOR THE BUSY PERSON – While on the treadmill, turn on an inspiring, entertaining or instructional audio/video or play your favorite upbeat music. Then you are exercising not only your body but also your mind and imagination. This is a great way to start off a day with a bang. You’ll also end up burning more calories because you’ll be looking forward to exercising more and more, as part of a rich multimedia experience.

THE HILLS, BRING ‘EM ON- Using a treadmill with an incline helps prevent shin splints in strengthening your knees. It also allows you to have a more intense workout to burn extra calories! For example, a 30-minute treadmill workout at a 10 minute pace will burn 270 calories. However, at a 15% incline it will burn 482 calories or about 80% more!

RUN WITH A BUDDY – If you plan to workout in pairs with a  friend, partner or spouse you’ll likely find you will both feed off each other’s energy. You’ll run more intensely and longer, plus you can have more fun at it as you cheer each other on. The end result is that those extra calories are burned and the waste lines are slimmed so that you feel great about yourself.

CHANGE PACE – Vary your runs on the treadmill. Run at a moderate pace and then speed up. Go back to a moderate pace and speed up again. When you do this several times, its called interval training. This is known to burn more fat and build more endurance, strength, and speed. It also helps firm up your stomach muscles.

RUN TOWARD GOALS – Consider mapping out a month-long schedule for the days and times on the treadmill and the speeds and inclines you want to tackle. Next think bigger. Map out long-range goals. Now think even bigger. You can place, in front of the treadmill, any written affirmations or visual aides you like (such as a picture of you at your best or ideal weight). You can then reinforce in your subconscious the image of quickly running toward your life’s goal, which you will then better achieve.

WITH SAFETY – While applying any of these tips, keep in mind to use the treadmill with safety precautions. I once injured myself because I simply failed to tie my shoe laces with a triple knot. Since then, I have never forgotten to do so. Take care of these details. Also don’t run so fast that it makes you feel like you must hold onto the treadmill for dear life (the handrails). If you’re running at an average pace of 10 minute then don’t suddenly run at a 6 minute pace for the workout. Build your running pace up gradually or you risk harm.  If you follow these simple precautions, all you calorie burning adventures will succeed!

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    This is a great post for me because your information is mind blowing. Treadmill is really a great way for loosing weight. You should get good information from trainer and who has good knowledge of this. It is good for posture, fast fat burn and also good for making strong bone.

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