Bacterial Cells Versus Human Cells Inside Our Bodies

microbiome inside
All About the Bacteria Inside Us

it is not commonly known that we have nearly 10 times as many bacteria living inside our bodies as we have cells. These bacteria also play many vital roles in our body. They can:

  • Help with our internal digestion of foods
  • Empower our immune system
  • Support what is called the second brain in our body, the enteric nervous system in out guts which produce most of the seratonin and about half the dopamine in our bodies – thus controlling that “feeling in the gut.

What is also not commonly known is that this overall bio-terrain or microbiomes can work with us to improve our health. And we can improve the vitality of that bio-terrain or other ecology of life inside of us by taking in pro-biotics and pre-biotics.  Focusing on the living forces within us is an important strategy for regaining and maintaining health. For more information on this vital subject see the following:

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