Brutal facts about American life expectancy for women declining

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American Life Expectancy


Brutal facts about American life expectancy for women declining

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Back in April, 2008 a Harvard Public Health Study indeed reported in the Washington Post  a widespread decline in US women’s life expectancy across America (in nearly 1000 counties). This impacts roughly 1 in 5 US women whose life expectancy is either going down significantly or remaining the same. Some segments of the male population, the less educated, are also impacted.

life expectancy loss

Falsely blaming just smoking

This lowered life expectancy is related to increasing deaths due to diabetes, lung cancer, emphysema and kidney failure. All of those health problems seem linked to smoking, but not entirely. Researchers also speculated that obesity was a potent factor. What fuels both smoking and obesity? A commercial culture that, politically and economically, puts profits above the well-being of people.

Evidence of the decline

According to the United Nations life expectancy rankings, back in 2010, American women ranked 41st internationally, down from 14th  in 1985. Among the more developed nations, American women were once ranked in the middle of the pack back in 1970, compared to last place in 2010.


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