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I am much in favor of using superfoods into a prudent diet. Any concentrated food nutrient needs to be rotated in the diet rather than depended upon. Our commercial society tends to support dependence, as in multi-marketing monthly buying programs for a single product. What the body really needs is a rainbow-variety of food that change over time.

The suffix “lysis” refers to taking things apart and yet what is most important is that we eat whole foods, not just concentrated separate nutrients.  Foods are said to contain first  macronutrients. A “macronutrient” is something we consume in large quantities – such as water, fats, carbohydrates and protein. The term may refer to minerals we ingest in large quantities  – such as salts (sodium and chloride), calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sulfur.  In addition vitamins can be had in considerable dosages. Foods also are said to contain micronutrients such as trace minerals, including copper, iron, silicon and so on. These nutritional concepts are at the foundation of conventional nutritional understanding. Their presumed objectivity leans on the chemical model of nature, which in turn leans on the mathematical view of the cosmos. I have long disputed the objectivity of that larger view.

Readers of HealingTalks know I offer a revolutionary critique of the mechanical approach to nature and at the same time outline a life-centered or non-mechanical vision. In my opinion, the mechanical view of Galileo, Descartes and Newton (all 17th century philosophers) used dominantly to understand nature ends up corrupting insights in the healing arts.  If I make a chemical analysis of water, for example, it fails to reveal why H2O brings out life and plant consciousness from a seed.  That knowledge belongs, for me, to a different vision. Knowing what life and consciousness is in nature allows one to focus on eliciting that life and consciousness – rather than mostly the designs of machines.

Imagine that at the core of life is consciousness and that consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature. Being the most purely connective principle, it is not reducible to any separate parts. If there is such a thing as a universal principle of connection in nature, then it becomes the foundation for nature’s oneness (universal connection).  Since healing has to do with connection and reconnection (as when a wound reconnects seamlessly) then deep healing also involves becoming whole physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, merging mind, emotions, and spirits. Thus love is a real medicine. Love is a connective emotion. Thus within, the most powerful guide for healing ourselves becomes a veering toward positive, loving emotions in our hearts and towards an overall changed worldview that fosters connective consciousness.

To heal is really to bring out life and consciousness. Thus the principles of the machine  (mathematical designs) are not what we want to bring out to heal. Yet at the foundation of all opathic medical practice is the use of drugs, surgery and radiation. If you want to become a proficient mechanic learn mechanical principles. But if you want heal yourself or any living organism, a different model and direction is needed. In my opinion, the root reason is that our mechanical worldview connects with the surface truths but not piercing many deep truths of nature. The mechanical principles of biology (as in biotech), chemistry and physics are nevertheless what pre-med students centrally must learn to guide their later healing arts. Even the vast majority of alternative practitioners  justify alternative therapies using mechanical models . This leads to little fundamental change occurring in our culture. We observe this especially with the science of nutrition becoming increasingly reductionist or more focused on smaller concentrated parts, chemically defined.

How does this relate to superfoods and the use of supplements? See the continuation of this article in PART II.

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