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I respect the study, pursuit and use of superfoods, like wheatgrass, with concentrated healing properties. At the same time, this can be overdone.  A balanced diet and using diverse ways to bring in the living forces and take out the death forces  (as discussed in Part III) is all of yet greater importance. The commercialization of superfoods has sometimes led to exaggerated and overemphasized, if not misleading claims . So one just needs to sift through the information with prudence to keep the golden kernels and get rid of the chaff.

Over time the science of nutrition has become little more than a chemical analysis of foods. This is a left-brain dominant view whose focus is on what I call separative consciousness and where the highest paradigm is mathematics (symbols of consciousness-separation) – which yields the chemical view.  It has become ever more reductionist (looking at smaller and smaller separate components in a dis-integrative, non-connective, non-whole and unwise way). This is not cured by relinking all the separate elements back together mathematically or via chemical definitions. In nutrition we keep adding to a growing list of  tinier and smaller micronutrients defined chemically. Lost sight of are overviewing holistic principles, like eating whole and living foods.  There is a long list of similar principles lost sight of because we drown our consciousness in a mechanical view of nature. A chemical analysis might show the same carbon or nitrogen in a whole living food because it doesn’t consider the presence of life as “mathematically” significant. Chemistry uses fire as a subtle sword to breakdown the distinguishing of elements that then can be measured in a lab. But fire destroys life. The chemical/mechanical and living orientations thus do not reach the same conclusions.

In this context, phyto means plant. The growing list of organic micro-nutrients that are laboratory-discovered via mathematical measurements are called phytonutrients. Among them are arotenoids, flavonoids, phytates, lignans, isothiocynates, indoles, phenols, saponins, sulfides, thiols, and terpenes. The more we study these separately-lab-distinguished elements, the more we need to rely on technicians to guide us or misguide us.We are often misdirected, confused and lost. True healing begins actually with a simplicity, reunifying of our mind and consciousness, not an increasingly dis-integrative perspective.

There is a natural marriage of the mechanical/reductionist view of nature with price-tagging and with three primary consequences.

A gradual deadening of foods – When something has a fixed (consciousness-separative) identity, it can be patented and branded as with bioengineered foods. Something otherwise living and ever changing can now be owned separately by a corporation or individual. It will hold its commercial, dollar, mathematical (separative-consciousness) value. This is why we preserve foods. We create commercial value or shelf-death better known as shelf-life.  Walk into most convenience stores at local gas stations and 99% of the foods there are preserved or deadened. This is part of what underlies an epidemic of obesity and chronic ailments when ingesting such foods.

Selling of addictive devitalized foods - For example, foods that are high in caffeine and sugar like the soft-dring Mountain Dew tend to sell more. To addict someone’s attention and consciousness is to separate out that inner state to buy a product – and what otherwise is more connected to the whole stream of life.

Corrupt information - When one is selling a product, one wants to create a bias, a partializing focus to , get and buy a product. Missing from the label may be the genetically modified ingredients or what is really in a “natural flavoring.”  The problem permeates all approaches that are touched by our commercial society, whether conventional or alternative.

Back in 2004, a book called Superfoods Rx popularized the term. A “superfood” is rich or has a concentrated number of what are called phytonutrients.  They are partly a by-product of increased reductionism in the midst of a commercial society.  A whole industry has sprung up as a result, much like the vitamin industry in the 1960’s. The positive is that we are trying to get the  best of nutrition using whole food ingredients rather than separate pills with synthetic chemical ingredients. The negative is that we can go overboard, overusing exotic foods with high levels or one or another isolated micro-nutrient, when sometimes is not necessarily better, and where that approach alone may not sufficient to get optimal healing. Also transporting some of these exotic foods can help to pollute our planet. So its great to add a superfood every now and then. But don’t make it the foundation of your diet – losing sight of more holistic principles like whether your foods are whole, organic,  living, locally-grown, bio-available, eaten in moderation with a rotating diet.

CONTINUED IN PART III. This discusses alternative principles for Super Nutrition for healing the body as a whole, and not based on super-isolates.

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