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10 Greatest Dangers of GMOs | Healing Talks

10 Greatest Dangers of GMOs

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(Healingtalks) GMOS represent a vast threat to humanity and the rest of our living environment on earth. The reasons are manifold and some of hte major ones are as follows:

GMOs as Poisonous

GM crops are engineered to contain chemical poisons. These poisons remain in the crop when eaten. Even in trace amounts they can be carcinogenic.

GMOs are untested

We have been told just the opposite by Agri Corps that sell these poisonous products, but its not true.  There are no long-term studies on the consumption of GMOs, and the short-term studies involve animals.  Evidence of human health harms is already extensive.

GMOs enslave farmers

GMOs carry with them  intellectual property rights that stop farmers from saving seeds, making them dependent servants of agri-corps. This ends up making traditional farming non-sustainable for humanity. If the crops fail, the farmer, however, bears the burden. This has triggered over a quarter million farmer suicides in India.

GMOs, once released, cannot be controlled

Unlike chemical pollutants, GMOs replicate themselves can thus can cause ecological disasters. We risk various forms of “ecocide,” especially when GMOs are engineered to outcompete similar crops, destroying genetic diversity. ops.

GMOs trigger the development of superweeds and superpests

The development of superweeds and pests is likely to be a major threat to agriculture in the future. This parallels the development of superbugs in hospitals.  Superweeds require many times more, not less chemical dousing, contradicting industry claims that GMOs will eventually lower the load of chemicals in agriculture. This points to this form of agriculture being, again, non-sustainable.

GMOs can have unexpected and long-term environmental impacts

GMOs can cross-pollinate with organic plants to cause mutations, with potential side effects no one can accurately predict

GMOs are destroying biodiversity

GMO conglomerates have, for a long time, been buying up smaller seed companies and closing them down or destroying their seed stocks. This places all of us at risk of catastrophic crop failures due to spreading diseases when there is inadequate diversity of crops. This practice risks our global human survival.

GMOs transfers vast amounts of control of agriculture to greedy corporations

For centuries local farmers have controlled the bulk of what happens on farms, Now agri-conglomerates are trying to take control – with minimal caring as to the consequences to the farmers, humanity or the environment.

GMOs may be killing bees and other pollinators

GMOs have contributed to the destruction of bees and other pollinators, which are experiencing collapses of their colony populations.

Biotech industry paid scientists are among the most corrupt scientists in the world

Routinely false information is being given out to the public which represents the opposite of the truth about GMOs – science for the highest bidder. Biotech scientists also are paid to put out smear campaigns to counter their opponents. Politically they help lobby politicians to not pass laws to label GMOs, rather keeping the public in the dark.



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