105-Year-Old Cyclist Sets Record

French cyclist Robert Marchand, at the age of 105, appears to have so much aerobic fitness, comparable to a 50-year old, that he is a world-record holder. In January, 2017, Marchand peddled 14 miles during an hour race, setting a global record for someone his age. Five years ago, in the same event category, he set the record for someone 100 and up.

His performance came to the attention of Veronique Billat, a professor of exercise science at the University of Evry Cal d’Essonne in France. Marchand was amendable to be tested by her, and via his following a training routine where 80% of his workouts were at a leisurely rate (12 on a scale of 20) and 20% at a more intense rate (15 on a scale of 20).  The results after 2 years?  Marchand’s VO2max had increased 13%, comparable to a healthy average 50-year old. His peddling power had increase 40%.  The conclusion?

We can improve our VO2 max and performance at virtually any and every age, as Dr. Billat came to learn from Marchand’s inspirational example.

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