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12 Great Strategies to Live to Be 100 | Healing Talks

12 Great Strategies to Live to Be 100

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 I want to share with readers my ten best strategies for living to a 100 years or more. One of my goals in life is to run the New York Marathon at age 100. Its never been done before and I know it is doable.  The oldest age for a nationally ranking triathlete in this decade, so far, has been 91. There are generally no rankings in that age group in the related categories, such as duathlons. As to an order of  importance, I want to give emphasis to mental and spiritual health first or what is inside, and then nutritional health, exercise and detoxing. With this list of priorities in mind, here are some of my strategies:


1) Positive mind set, with a life purpose, self-respect, and a loving  posture towards all of life, following great passions – Without a pro-life mind set, no amount of the other strategies are likely to come to their fulfillment. A positive mind set can include having a life purpose based on an inner posture of love towards oneself, others, other life forms and our cosmos. To express that love of life,you can have multiple passions. Do not entirely retire, just sit at home and watch TV. Even if there is no gainful employment, volunteer or join an intentional community where you can serve others and be of great value.

2) Meditate, read inspiring books, poetry, sing, write, chant, laugh, garden, connect with Nature – do what will avoid stress – This is critically important to keep the body-mind-spirit whole on a daily basis, to maintain peace of mind and not be overly stressed.

3) Live consciously in the here and now – This cuts down on anxiety and fears of the future or past repeating itself.


3)Skin brushing  and teeth care - Massage all your acupuncture points daily to stimulate your life’s energy. Keep your teeth brushed and flossed daily.

4) Exercise, fresh air sunshine, sweat – Aerobic exercise 5-7 times a week and strength exercise at least twice a week. If your are ambitious with your exercises,  gradually and gently expand your limits and expectations. The most common causes of death of the old-old population, including centenarians is frailty and pneumonia, rather cancer or heart disease – thus re-emphasizing the importance of exercise to maintain strong lungs and bones.

5) Avoid physical exposures - Take care to wear masks with toxic exposures, use a water filter in the shower, avoid elective surgeries, wear your seat belts. Turn to natural remedies first.

6) Good loving, conscientious relationships, with intimacy – Health and healing involves being whole and reconnecting to wholeness. Love is an emotionally connective feeling, thus supportive of the healing process, of being whole and becoming whole. Having a close loving partner and having friends whom you dearly love and who are supportive of you and love you in return is highly important.  The Longevity Project is a book which describes a study following 1500 individuals for eight decades. The strongest personality predictor for longevity in that group appeared to be  a conscientiousness life. This is not surprising since consciousness, which keeps us whole and alive is closely related to conscientiousness. This is something I learned from the philosophy of the later G. I. Gurdjieff. A conscientious life leads to one of caring for oneself and others in a wholesome way.


7) Plant-based organic, whole, non-Gmo diet – The overwhelming evidence, tens of thousands of studies, show that a plant-based diet has a health advantage. Go nuts. Sprout about. Smoothly make your smoothies and keep it green. Quality fats are more important than proteins. Subdue the sweets, never forget to juice. Keep it as raw as raw can be. Living food, ideally straight from the garden, imparts life. Life’s essence is consciousness, the universal connective relationship which keeps us whole. Seventh Day Adventists have an average life expectancy of 89, which is  a decade more than the average American.  They do not smoke, drink, or overindulging in sweet treats, eat lightly and simply and generally following  a plant-based diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts, and seeds.

8) Periodic liquid diet detox – One day a week, when possible, or at least half day fasts. Start a day with just water or juice, I prefer grapefruit as it gets things moving. Take a longer and more intensive cleanse once a season. Focus on all the major organs of elimination, skin, kidney, liver, lungs, and colon. Steve Meyerowitz or the Sproutman has a great detox program in this regard.

9) Omega-fats – Essential for all body functions. I prefer flax seed, a tablespoon as my daily medicine. Chia and hemp are other alternatives.

10) Sproutarian – Amply add sprouts to your plant-based diet. Take in the life force.

11) Green juices, pro-biotic drinks and purified water – Ingest plenty of healthy fluids your blood stream squeaky clean. At the core of life is a stream of consciousness, which the fluids of our body carry to each cell, and the fluids of each plant so that we are taking the life force of the plant world.

12) Ample anti-oxidants and Anti-inflammatory Supplements – With juices we can add potent spices, like garlic, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric. Villages in India that daily eat turmeric have the lowest Alzheimer’s rates in the world, as dementia is generally preceded by brain tissue inflammations.

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