Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2012

14 states debate manatory labeling laws for genetically messed-up food

label genetically modified food

(Healingtalks) Because federal laws do not require genetically messed-up food to be labeled,  14 states are debating whether to legally require such labeling.  The debate is taking place from NY to California, as legislators consider the impact of also the first genetically messed-up animal (salmon) for our dinner plates

Genetically messed-up food and messed with organisms

By the way I decided to stop using the terms genetically modified, altered or engineered because such terms were invented to sell us on the notion that the use of gene guns to alter genetic codes, or genetic violence is something either positive or equivalent to foods in their natural state.

Genetic codes have evolved consciously over millions of years and now suddenly are being messed up or at least seriously messed with. That something serious will eventually go wrong is so obvious. But where huge sums of money are at stake, many can’t see that obviousness.

Again the terms modified, altered and engineered – or even enhanced – were themselves engineered to deliver the false connotation and propaganda that all is well.  But its not. And the evidence is climbing higher than Everest.

Labeling frankenfish

In four states — California, Oregon, Vermont and Alaska  -  lawmakers are considering just the issue of frankenfish. We encourage you to contact your state legislatures in support these efforts.

Labeling all GMOs

In ten other states the labeling of all GMO-ingredient products is on the table. Contact your state legislators and encourage them to do the same.

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  • How whistleblowers were silenced and warnings of FDA scientists were ignored.
  •  Why gene-splicing risks health and environmental catastrophes.

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.


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