9/11 Conspiracy theory video, best yet – with photos

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9.11 conspiracy theory

9/11 Conspiracy Theory Video
Best Yet

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

Below is a new 9/11 conspiracy theory video, one of the best. It has come out because years after 9/11 occurred, conspiracy “theories” abound because the facts are so crystal clear.  Three massive buildings made of steel could not possibly come down in dynamic, a few seconds fashion just by being hit by a jet plane causing a fire unable to melt steel. No ragged fighter in Afghanistan, known to be near death and on dialysis, could start a sophisticated plan to challenge the strongest air defense system in the world. A thousand more facts make the official report not just absolutely ridiculous but frightening because of the callous lying. The video below is a brilliant synopsis and the related video lists facts that cannot be denied and which blow the cover on this event.

Still, at least a couple hundred million believe the official story,  a sad indictment of collective gullibility of Americans


Related Photos

Here are just a few photos of the nearly 3000 people were killed on 9/11 at the sight of the World Trade Center. We should really know who committed this diabolical plot, one which triggered the Patriot act that undermined our constitution and took away, in unprecedented legislation, tons of American liberties.


9/11 victims

9/11 Victims

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