Amazing Facts About Eye Color

facts about eyesEye Health at a Glance!

Eye health is an important part of overall health, especially as we age. Unlike brushing doing something for our teeth every day, we kind of think our eyes can just take care of themselves.

However there are things we can daily do for our eyes, including

  • Eye exercises – you can train your eyes to work better and thus to improve vision
  • Anti-oxidant washes - there have been great studies on using washes to mprove eye health and reverse degenerative diseases of the eye
  • Drinking daily raw juices – they are full of vitamins and minerals will definitely increase eye health, as brought out by the attache video.
  • Specific eye health supplements will improve your eyes as brought out by the attached article.
  • Avoiding sugary, high salt, and various processed foods – They can cause diabetes, hypertension and other illness which greatly affect our eyes.
  • Laser procedures – Finally there also are laser procedures that can help, and we are thankful for this fascinating infographic provided to us by Lasereyesurgeryhub

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