Published On: Tue, Mar 20th, 2012

Anti-occupy law ends free speech in America

(Healingtalks) After a shooting that almost killed US Rep Gabrielle Giffords, a bill was introduced in Congress to supposedly just protect politicians.  HR 347 then passed the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act

This bill makes it a federal crime to enter and remain in certain areas near where a politician is speaking. It, in effect, can override  the First Amendment or right of free speech.

Rep Justin Amash (R-MI)’s comments

“The current law makes it illegal to enter or remain in an area where certain government officials… will be visiting temporarily if and only if the person knows it’s illegal to enter the restricted area but does so anyway.  The bill expands current law to make it a crime….even if the person does not know it’s illegal to be in that area and has no reason to suspect it’s illegal.

destroying free speech

Destroying free speech

Criminalizing legitimate First Amendment activity goes against the core spirit of our nation.

Rutherford Institute president, John Whitehead says it like it is:  “the bill’s language is so overly broad as to put an end to free speech, political protest and the right to peaceably assemble in all areas where government officials happen to be present.”

“A person eating in a diner while a presidential candidate is trying to score political points with the locals could be arrested if government agents determine that he is acting disorderly”…And if that person happens to have a pocketknife or nail clippers in his possession…he could face up to 10 years in prison.”

No longer the land of free and the home of the brave

America’s loss of freedoms parallels its overall moral and economic decline.

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