Worldwide approximately 15% or 1 billion out of 6.8 billion people (as of 2010) are officially overweight. At least 300 million worldwide are obese, posing an international health crisis. The majority suffering from obesity are in the wealthier western countries.

For example, in the US a whopping 67% of  adult Americans (or 2/3rds) are either overweight or obese – about 1/3rd each!

This means that close to 100 million Americans may have a serious weight problem affecting their health!

To first step in dealing with this vast problem is to apply some conscious awareness. How can we determine if we are overweight or obese? We use what is called a Body Mass Index and it is calculated as follows:

A) Measure your overall weight in pounds : ____________

B) Measure your overall height in inches : ____________

Divide A *700/ B squared = BMI


A) Measure your overall weight in kilos : ____________

B) Measure your overall height in meters squared : ____________

Divide A / B squared = BMI

In general, if the BMI is over 25 you are considered overweight; if the BMI is over 30 you are considered obese. For Asians the latter obesity threshold is slightly lower or 27.5 BMI

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