Beginning of World War III? Ukraine and the globalist agenda

Start World War III

Beginning of World War III

 Beginning of World War III? Ukraine and the globalist agenda

by Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) We are living in dangerous times. Because the petrodollar is on the verge of collapse and with it America’s empire, the balance of power between the axis of the Americas and Western Europe confronting Russia, China and Iran may be shifting, triggering a highly dangerous potential for World War III. Whichever side prevails does not necessarily matter from the point of view of a  globalist agenda as the strength of all sides stands in the way.

What our mass media are not telling us is revealed in this video. The title of the video, however, that “we all are going to die may be far fetched,” provided we can avoid the height of insanity which a nuclear war  represents and whose radiation will not be containable.

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The video below gives an excellent overview of a true global conflict well underway and with much at stake (though we need to ignore the negligent misspellings in the subtitles. In regard to this global conflict, there is little the average person can do. We are facing a tidal wave and can only prepare our lives accordingly



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