Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2012

Big-Pharma insider speaks out

confessions of a Big Pharma insider

(Healingtalks) Gwen Olsen is an ex-pharmaceutical sales rep who abandoned the industry due to a moral obligation to speak out.Now

Exposing Big Pharma

Now Gwen devotes most of her time exposing the initiative by Big-Pharma  “to label as many Americans as possible as being mentally-ill so they can put us all on psychiatric drugs, which, have not been proven to be effective and are extremely dangerous and are strictly a social control mechanism.”

Gwen published a book in 2005 entitled “Confessions of an Rx drug pusher”. This is her written account from within an industry tailored to keep the public sick. Thanks to brave whistle blowers like Gwen, the pharmaceutical industry is being increasingly exposed.


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