Published On: Wed, Mar 7th, 2012

Can one reverse diabetes type i on a raw and living food diet?

reversing type i and ii diabetes

(Healingtalks) If you have wondered about this question, can diabetes be reversed naturally, watch this video.

How is to possible for a raw and living food diet to reverse diabetes within as little as 30?

How it works

What happens is that on the standard American diet often the cell membranes in our body, after usually a 20 year assault, begin to decline in vitality on a dead, chemicallized and processed diet. They no longer can effectively recognize what is needed to enter the interior of cells. Sugar, especially, remains in the bloodstream where it starts a health-decaying process. On a raw and living food diet, this is almost immediately reversed and one can see the results within days.

Usually within 30 days there is no longer any sign, for a Diabetic Type II of being diabetic – and sometimes even Type I Diabetic condition  is reversed.

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