CDC refuses to release documents to Congress on its coverup of the vaccination and autism link

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Vaccine indusry

Vaccine Industry

CDC refuses to release documents to Congress on its coverup of the
vaccination and autism link

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

In a shocking revelation, the Center for Disease Control’s own research has discovered that  MMR vaccines cause autism in African-American children. But this trusted government agency buried its shocking findings to hide the truth from the public and to allow pharmaceutical profits to flow uninterrupted, as infants are brutally harmed for a lifetime.

Dr. Julie Gerberding, an executive with the vaccine manufacturer, Merck, was involved in this most despicable cover-up.

CDC refuses to release documents to Congress

U.S. Congressman Bill Posey (8th district, Florida) insisted that these documents of the CDC relating to vaccine research be made public, but the CDC has scandalously and criminally not complied. The CDC apparently has crystal clear evidence that MMR vaccines have caused a 340% rise in the risk of autism in African-American babies. Instead of warning the public of this terrible outcome, the evidence has been intentionally buried out of sight.

Quack Science Front Man

Dr. Poul Thorsen is a quack front man for the CDC on this issue. He has already  been indicted for a money laundering scheme involving the CDC and falsified research to “prove” vaccine injections do not lead to autism. His deceptive works are cited by vaccine pushers, wanting to make us collectively unconscious of the fact that countless children are being maimed.  A CDC whistleblower has provided over 100,000 pages of documents to blow the lid off of this heinous crime.

Mainstream Media Buries CDC Story

You won’t find this breaking story in mainstream media because they have been pressured to keep the lid on what could cause disastrous financial consequences for Big Pharma.


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