Cointelpro: Covert FBI program to undermine social activists and blame Muslims for fake terrorist acts


Martin Luther King Cointelpro
(Healingtalks) I met Martin Luther King in the 1960’s and he was one of the more frequent targets of Cointelpro, ultimately being assassinated under suspicious circumstances. Back in the 1950’s, the FBI began covert operations to work  against Americans and undermine a variety of political  opposition groups, planting provocateurs, both on the right and left end of the political spectrum. Similar programs were resurrected with the Patriot Act, and have been used to target activists and to discredit journalists and bloggers. See video below.

According to a Mother Jones article on the resurrection of cointelpro, up to 60,000 provocateurs, informants, and trolls are engaged by the CIA, mostly, since 9/11, engaging and entrapping Muslims in schemes to create the fake appearance of a war on terrorism. The Mother Jones article examined  the prosecution of 158 defendants, of which 49  were involved in plots led by an FBI agent provocateur. According to the article, shockingly, almost all of the newspaper high-profiled terror plots since the 9-11 scam were FBI scams.


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