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Comparing Messages: Gary Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, new physics | Healing Talks

Comparing Messages: Gary Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters

Gary Zukav on Opra

Gary Zukav on Opra

Comparing Messages: Gary Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters

by Nathan Batalion PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Gary Zukav, in his groundbreaking The Dancing Wu Li Masters, takes an overview of “new physics,” translating its findings into everyday language. Not only does Zukav convey the simple gist of complex theories of physics, his writings are peppered with bits of humor and pithy sayings from oriental sages that keep the readers’ attention “dancing.”  The Dancing Wu Li Masters has been a highly influential book, setting the framework for common discussions of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, theories of relativity and particle physics. It also reads like a thriller, as one unexpected physics discovery leads to another, engrossing the reader’s interest to the very end. Zukav further makes some profound statements, such as that Einstein seemed to offer us the last major classical physics theory with a clear predictive correspondence of theory to reality; or that Bell’s Theorem, proving non-local causality and a far more connected universe, may be the single most important discovery ever of physics.

Is Zukav’s review of the new physics overglorified?

At the same time, Zukav’s account of the new physics seems over-glorified. He minimizes the fact that with the new physics, much of it reads like “science fiction” or where we find ourselves abandoning common sense and cogent attempts to visualize what is mathematically described. Zukav, nevertheless, equates the new physics with a heightened enlightenment, presumably giving us a more valid and unified cosmic view. A fullest knowledge of quantum mechanics, however, has done little more than help us build nano-computer parts. Einstein’s theories of relativity have only aided us to design improved GPSs. These theories have done little to give us the urgent wisdom we need to extricate us from looming and escalating environmental, health, social and spiritual crises. Physics ever remains focused on an internal consistency of its proprietary and cosmic mathematical orientation.

Comparing the raw-wisdom approach

In my forthcoming book, I hope to outline the revolutionary thesis that this mathematical view of the cosmos does not truly capture the essence of nature and that, as a result, we are unable to extricate and actually feed the looming crises of our times. These challenges started to gain steam in the middle of the 20th century, with the arrival of atomic weapons and chemicals that now globally pollute and cause illnesses like cancer to be epidemic. While that quantitative view initially offered to rescue us from the flaws of a medieval biblical orientation, it is my contrarian view is that in our modern times we now need to be rescued from this prior rescuing view. This implies that the quantitative vision of nature has its own major flaws, though they have manifested in a delayed manner after centuries of ever deeper impacting applications.

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