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Continuing Nuclear Fallout from Fukushima Explosion | Healing Talks
Published On: Mon, Mar 24th, 2014

Continuing Nuclear Fallout from Fukushima Explosion

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Fukushima Explosion Continues to Be Global Threat/ HealingTalks

Pictures of Fukushima explosion

Fukushima Nuclear Explosion

By Rebekah Schecter (Healingtalks)   With more than a thousand days having passed since the Japanese Fukushima Explosion started leaking massive amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean, our government and mass media have still not spoken up about rising radiation levels and what to do about them. At Fukushima, Japan,  three nuclear reactors went into meltdown, creating a disaster much greater than Chernobyl,leaking radioactive pollutants capable of traveling thousands of miles. In the meantime,  the EPA, perhaps after lobbying by the nuclear industry, shut down several radiation monitors on the California coast and President Obama has raised “allowable” radiation limits. He also recently announced the federal government has approved financing for a new domestic nuclear power plant, the first President to do so in over three decades.

Fukushima Radiation Map

Fukushima Radiation

Fukushima Disaster Revisited

The Fukushima Explosion came about after a terrible tsunami rocked Japan and whereupon twenty thousand lives were lost.  Since then, Fukushima Reactors 1, 2 , and 3  have continued to spew a plethora of radioactive isotopes to threaten to pollute our planet as a whole.  Hundreds of thousands of families have already been displaced nearby, never to return to their ancestral lands. Among the apparent aftereffects, Japanese children are already showing an up-tick in thyroid cancer rates and there is apprehension as to what will follow in the coming years. In Southern California, forty-five percent of the sea lion pups have already died this year. Many more species on the California coast are seeing mass die-offs
fukushima fallout map

fukushima fallout map

We Are Not Powerless: What Can Be Done about the Fukushima Explosion Fallout

    • Facing Facts –  Evidence indicates we are in the midst of a global radiation crisis.
    • Permanent, Universal Moratorium - We can lobby Congress for a total ban on building new nuclear plants.
    • Installing Geiger Counters  – Every township in the US could have a Geiger counter installed. The counters cost about $200 and weekly readings can be made. Cities and townships in the US could joined safecast.org and become a part of the network of global radiation monitoring communities.
    • Natural Health Intervention – Natural food shops be given economic incentive or subsidies to carry foods which help take radiation out of our bodies.
    • Raising Public Awareness to Save our Environment - Local governments could sponsor contests to solicit the best ways to protect local environments from precipitation saturated with caesium-137 and similar sources of radiation.  For an example of a creative initiative, millions of sunflowers have been planted around Fukushima to help absorb local radiation

Facing the realities of what is happening to our planet, a next step would be the development of strategies to  help heal the aftereffects of what is shaping up to become an unprecedented global radiation crisis.

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