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Dissolve The FDA? | Healing Talks
Published On: Sat, Jul 31st, 2010

Dissolve The FDA?

Written by Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD
It is time to expose how… the Food and Drug Administration cannot be trusted because this agency is nothing more than an arm of the very industries FDA is supposed to regulate.

We invite you to join our campaign to “to provide new guards” for our food safety and to achieve and maintain a healthy status. And what mechanisms should be encouraged to provide the governance services FDA fails to provide? We cannot dictate that. It is for free people to make those decisions based on the lessons learned throughout history. We do that by making choices…

Dissolve the FDA

It has had 80 some years to prove its incompetence, which would not be all that bad since government incompetence is, after all, a given. Worse, tragically, murderously worse, it has become an agency of death.

The Federal Death Agency:

1. Approves drugs based on such poor clinical trials that they are guaranteed to maim, kill and cripple people, all the while “requiring” more drugs. Half of all government approved drugs are so dangerous they have to be withdrawn from the market or limited in use within five years of FDA approval.

2. Sees no conflict of interest in approval of drugs, foods, devices, vaccines in which those entrusted with the duty of rigorous examination prior to approval have enormous vested interests or have competing interests in a competing product.

3. Approves processes like irradiation which contaminate the environment, endanger workers, degrade food and increase illness in the consumers of that food requiring more drugs.

4. Approves untested anti-health foods which are genetically modified (GMOs) on the totally unscientific assumption that they are “substantially equivalent” if they look something like the unmodified food. Such approval MAY NOT be based on scientific rigor so every GMO food or product is scientifically untested. Independent science has made it clear that there is no such thing as a safe GMO, whether plant or animal, yet the Fraud and Death Administration continues to pollute both the domestic US food supply and press for global contamination through Codex and similar venues.

5. Dangerous food additives and cosmetics are routinely permitted on the shelves of the United States with little or no testing, despite strong scientific evidence of their harm

6. Food is contaminated and virtually or totally not inspected, yet the Farma Development Agency spends time, energy, money, legal and personnel resources harassing and intimidating, prosecuting and persecuting manufacturers, marketers and clinicians who use safe, natural and effective means of preserving and promoting health..such as the traditional practice of Ear Candling.

7. Despite legislative and First Amendment guarantees, the Fiercely Deceptive Agency engages in ruthless suppression of freedom of speech, arbitrary altering the dimensions of that free speech, illegally and unconstitutionally prosecuting those who purvey accurate information about the benefits of foods (e.g., walnuts, cherries, oats) or food components (e.g., vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc.). Raids by armed FDA Marshals, book burning, seizure of wares and products, [il]legal assault, arbitrary classification of foods and devices as untested drugs and devices, thus forbidding them without either scientific or legal justification are routine, daily activities for this agency. Anything which threatens the market share of the industries it is entrusted with regulating is attacked with publicly funded, but illegal resources.

8 Untested procedures like spraying deli meats with viruses to eat other viruses are a boon to industry, but further damage the health of consumers. But that’s apparently not important to the Foodless Dearth Agency.

9. Vaccines are not only worthless as a health strategy, they are demonstrably dangerous to health, and become more dangerous with accumulation of included toxins. Yet the Fear and Disease Agency’s sister organization, the CDC, or Center for Disease Creation, routinely approves rapidly increasing numbers of these dangerous assaults on the immune system, knowing full well that the use of vaccines, even if they were not contaminated with stealth viruses, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, infertility agents and other known poisons, is both dangerous and unwarranted.

10. The Foolish Dangers Agency promulgates dangerous, but industry-friendly policies at Codex, assisting in bringing the level of the world’s food supply to the lowest quality level of any develop country’s food supply: that of the United States. Worse, it continually allows modifications and degradations of the US food supply, setting new standards of low quality to push for. Having brought forward industry-friendly standards in international agencies, it then introduces them into the US regulatory environment, rationalizing those new, lower standards by saying that they are approved by the international body so must be followed to avoid trade sanctions.

11. Consumers are routinely misled and information such as the genetically modified nature of foods and ingredients is routinely suppressed in a paternalistic “Government knows best!” strategy. For example, according to Freaking Distortion Agencyofficial Barbara Schneeman, PhD, head of the FDA’s Office of Nutrition and Dietary Supplements and a frequent Head of Delegation at Codex meetings, the US even forbids the labeling of GMO Free“foods” because it knows from its research that consumers would overwhelmingly reject GMOs if they knew the truth about them. Therefore, despite legislative and judicial instruction that such suppression is illegal, it continues unabated.

12. More than 50% of the operating expenses of the Food Destruction Agency comes from “User Fees” paid by pharmaceutical companies for FDA “evaluation” of their products. That renders the FDA a corporate client of the pharmaceutical industry. Similar fees will shortly be instituted for food manufacturers.

13. The ethical values which-

— allowed regulators to advise Bayer to sell its HIV contaminated blood fractions to European hemophiliacs (who are mostly children) rather than sell them in the US

– allowed the continued sale of drugs like vaccines, Vioxx, and Avianda, and all psychoactive drugs despite the clear scientific evidence, presented by their own scientists, indicates a level of corruption and destruction which the US cannot tolerate in one of the most influential and impactful agencies in the entire government.

– allowed, and enthusiastically promotes, the use of a proven systemic toxins like fluoride in the water supply of the entire country, supports it as an additive in baby formula and water marketed for infants, in oral care products, vaccines, drugs, as a fungicidal spay for food, etc., despite the overwhelming evidence of its dangers

– allowed mercury in dental fillings and injections despite the clear dangers associated with its use in living systems

– allowed aluminum and now squalene, plus a host of known toxins, in injections given in increasing numbers to pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly, adolescents and adults – the entire population – because health-destroying vaccines are a potent long-term marketing strategy for drug companies.

An agency with neither fiscal nor regulatory independence is a menace to the health of the people of the United States and, because of the well-polished (and funded) deception foisted on the rest of the world that US food and drug science, quality and regulation are the best in the world, whatever happens in the US will be followed, inevitably by the rest of the world.

The problem is enormous. The answer, however, is remarkably simple. Just as Alexander the Great solved the problem of the Gordian Knot, which he was required to untie, but which was so complicated that it could not be untied by any human alive, we must solve the problem of the Fraud and Death Administration.

Alexander used his sword to slice through the complex knot, untying it where others could not, with a single stroke. We need to use the sword of our outrage and collective power to disband the FDA now.

We need to recapture its enormous, but dangerously deployed, budget to create an industry-free regulatory structure run by consumers and independent food and drug researchers and scientists. Anyone found to have any ties to a regulated industry would be liable for personal criminal and civil prosecution because of the severe and potentially life-threatening nature of their violation of the public trust.

A gun-wielding murderer kills victims one at a time. A corrupt food, cosmetic and drug regulator harms and kills unknown numbers of victims who, out of sight and mind of the press and the regulators, suffer the ill-effects, often chronic and largely unsuspected, of that personal, systemic, organizational, financial and moral corruption.

We need to educate Congress and the White House that the deep and irreversible corruption of the FDA requires a surgical strategy: cut the lethal Gordian knot which is the FDA and start again with a totally non-industry based solution. Should meetings with lobbyists be a criminal act? What do you think? A special, independent, Inspector General could be appointed to make sure that no industry ties were created or existed between regulators, scientists, evaluators, administrators or committee members.

Drugs and vaccines are destroying our health and killing us in vast numbers on the Food and Drug Administration’s watch. Our damaged and damaging foods are destroying our health and killing us in numbers never before seen in the developed world.

Our “Watch Dog” watches out for the most dangerous elements in our society: the Uber Cartel of Big Pharma, Big Agribiz, Big Biotech, Big Chema and Big Medica and bites us, the owners of the mansion which is our health, our bodies and our society.

The dog must die. We need a new watch dog. Now.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD

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