Dr Andrew Wakefield speaks out on immunization and autism link

Vaccines for infants black

Vaccines for black infants

Dr Andrew Wakefield speaks out on
immunization and autism link

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a whistle-blower scientist, one whose career the vaccine industry tried to destroy, speaks out on the recent coverup by our government of the discovery of a clear  link between increased immunizations and the rising prevalence of autism.It has become crystal clear that we have a government operating in a criminal manner, in collusion with major media and Big Pharma, to coverup the story of the Center for Disease Control’s  fraud.  Shhhh… Vaccines for infants can be devastatingly harmful.  Don’t tell anyone.

The crime of covering such a fact is more like heinous, turning a blind eye to the now brutal reality that 1 out of 42 American boys develop autism when before, not so long ago, it was 1 out of 2500.

Ranks among the crimes of the century

Directly falsifying studies, covering up the link between immunizations and autism, something affecting millions, ranks among the crimes of the century.

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