Ebola and FDA Corruption: Threatening companies offering natural remedies

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ebola Alert

Ebola Alert

(Healingtalks) With the issue of the Ebola pandemic, the FDA is at it again, given its revolving door between jobs at the FDA and with better paying jobs at Big Pharma companies, displaying its shameless and really evil corruption.  The FDA has now warned three companies not to provide information to the public about natural treatments! The warning letters can be accessed through the Web. At the same time, we wonder, in a conflict of interest, why the US government, through the CDC, owns patents on Ebola vaccines.

What is ghastly wrong with the FDA’s actions

  1.  CONFLICT OF INTEREST РThe US government owns a patent on an Ebola vaccine, and suppressing competition is a violation of free trade
  2. DUPLICITY – The FDA have approved an experimental and unproven drug, one that results in a 40% death rate, namely ZMapp.
  3. )FOLLOW THE MONEY – The FDA allow billions in sales of prescribed drugs for conditions they were never tested for.
  4. UNSCIENTIFIC AND THEY DON’T CARE - The Food and Drug Administration have never shown that natural therapies, like using colloidal silver, don’t work because they refuse to test them. There is no mega0money in it for their bosom friends in the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. UNETHICAL AND VIOLATING INTERNATIONAL PROTOCOLS – The governments actions go against the July, 2014 World Health Organization (WHO) proclamation that offering “unproven interventions” in a health crisis is ethical. What is unethical is to suppress information.

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