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Four masterkeys to natural healing

natural healing

Four master keys to natural healing

By Nathan Batalion, Phd, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) This is one of my favorite posts to this blog because it is so important to know the gist of natural healing in this toxic and challenged world we live in. To heal, to reverse aging, you just need to master-mind how best to approach mediation, detoxification, nutrition, and exercise or means of improving circulation. These are the four most basic keys to natural healing. There may appear to be other taproot or fundamental principles, but ultimately I find they will be grounded in these more primordial four.

Holistic healing deals with mind, body and soul/spirit or the whole of what we are. Let us simplify the approach then to holistic healing itself. To simplify is to bring together as one, and this very process has a healing effect. Thus I advocate  just following four essential keys to natural healing. If we complicate things we run the risk of getting confused and falling off the tract. So these four keys to natural healing work synergistically or better together than alone Note that nearly every natural therapy can then be classified thereunder and to keep things simple and straight in one’s mind.


Simply “get the good things in” including  the best possible food, purest water, air and sunlight.


Also simply “get the bad things out” (acids, toxins, chemical pollutants) and via our skin, kidneys, lungs, and colon.


This is the movement of both nutrients and toxins or wastes so that the benefits of both of the above can be achieved. We might use circulation-enhancing nutrition, exercise, massage, and other means. Passive means of improving circulation include the use of ice packs, saunas,  massage, and so on.


This involves healing or integrating our mind, emotions, spirits and body – as well as core energy and consciousness. Not part of the modern worldview built  around an understanding of matter and energy, actually our level of consciousness is the most important ingredient for our health.  Consciousness connects the whole of who we are. As we change and heal our inner consciousness  (for which guided meditation helps) we transform the whole of our lives. As a naturopath I can vouch for the fact that if we just expertly combine and integrate these four simple keys,  natural healing will follow and manifest.

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