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Fritjof Capra: A Systems View of Life | Healing Talks

Fritjof Capra: A Systems View of Life

Fritjof Capra
Fritjof Capra and the Systems View of Life

(Healing Talks) Our xclusive interview with Fritjof Capra begins with a discussion of his encounter, in 1977, with Dr. Stanislav Grof, a founder of modern transformational psychology. This meeting of two great minds occurred two years after Capra’s highly successful publication of The Dao of Physics wherein he broke ground to discuss the common grounds between modern physics and ancient spiritual traditions. With the popularity of his work, Capra explains how experts in many fields contacted him and broadened his vision of how a new paradigm shift was culturally brewing.  It was Dr. Grof who introduced him more specifically to the shifts occurring in the field of psychology.

Capra’s Newest Book and Thinking

Over the past forty years Capra has pursued a single unifying theme, the emerging change in our worldview and values, and that of a new vision of reality – along with vast social and cultural implications. Over those four decades, he has further synthesized his insights, culminating in his latest work, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision. The resulting text brings together insights dealing with the biological, cognitive and social and ecological dimensions of an overall paradigm shift.  His work also contains nearly 200 pages of practical applications related to such a paradigm shift. Capra emphasizes that the kind of synthetic thinking which focuses on the interconnected dimensions of the major problems of our times is urgently needed, thus also solving  problems with a holistic perspective and rather than in isolated ways. He further emphasizes:

  •  The importance of introducing a systems view of life into our educational system, from grade school on up.
  •  Letting go of  industrial agriculture  to help solve energy, climate change and health crises.
  • How systems thinking can be applied in each and everyone of our lives in creative ways.

Currently he is working on networking with other educators who share similar values. Our exclusive interview with Frijof Capra was made at the conference called Expanding and Re-enchantng the Psyche: The Pioneering Work of Stanislav Grof, sponsored by California Institute of Integral Studies, and held October 24-25 2014 in San Fransisco.

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