Published On: Wed, Oct 5th, 2011

GMOs Failing Across America – Farmer to Farmer Film Reveals the Truth

farmer to farmer


GMOS Failing

Across America

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healtingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) The mainstream media reports little or nothing about the downside of GMO farming. only glorious propaganda about how it will save the world from hunger.

A new short video documentary “Farmer to Farmer: The Truth about GM Crops” offers a glimpse into the undisclosed and real downside reality of GMO farming.

Farmer to Farmer’s Documentary’s Story

Michael Hart is not an organic farmer but rather a proponent of agricultural diversity from family farms. He wants the EU to avoid the GMO  trap.

He thus recently produced a documentary that focuses on American farmers’ failures and where Monsanto has trapped farmers into a financial dependency and a way of farming that is toxic to all of life.

Major Points of Farmer to Farmer

  • Monsanto’s Contractual Promise
    Monsanto sells its Roundup herbicide with a promise of high crop yields with just one pass of Roundup herbicide.
  • The Monsanto Promise Failed
    Within a short time, Roundup resistant weeds began sprouting. Different combinations of tank mixed herbicides had to be contrived and purchased in addition to Monsanto’s contractually required Roundup herbicide. Monsanto even sold tank mixed herbicides as well. Not only did one pass not work, but farmers also attested to different combinations of herbicides with several passes, which included pre-emergence and post emergence spraying to manage their crops.
  • New and Greater GMO Threats to Farming
    The new weeds soon became not a nuisance but a plague. And GMO crop production wound up demanding even more pesticide applications than non-GMO commercial farming.
  • Impossible Tasks
    Because the biotech industry now funds most agricultural university research, the farmers are concerned about the lack of attention toward developing better pesticides that would minimize spraying. When pesticides don’t work, Monsanto advises farmers to pull weeds by hand. Many crop fields are well over a thousand acres!
  • Violating Timeless Traditions For Farming Self-Sufficiency
    GMO farmers are contractually barred from saving seeds for future planting. They have to dependently and addictively buy new GMO seeds from Monsanto for every season. A non-GMO farmer can save seeds to raise new crops. In the long run the non-GMO farmer saves money since he’s able to use seeds saved from prior plantings perennially.
  • GMO Crops Represent Health Hazards
    This has repeatedly been documented.
  • GMO seed industries are destroying non-GMO seeds
    This is to intentionally create a monopoly control over our food, our lives.
  • Coexistence of GMO fields with organic or non-GMO fields is impossible
    The solution is to ban GMOs

You can view the Farmer to Farmer video here

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