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Gruesome Ebola Pictures, Haunting Ebola Photos | Healing Talks

Gruesome Ebola pictures, haunting Ebola photos

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ebola bioweapon

Ebola Photo

Gruesome Ebola pictures,
haunting Ebola photos

by Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) A picture can certainly tell more than a thousand words, especially Ebola pictures and photos about the epidemic currently affecting parts of Africa.  These Ebola photos certainly take a strong stomach. It is necessary, however, to know the seriousness of this contagious viral illness.

There are devastating signs of Ebola as a scary viral illness. For example, the Ebola virus is known to cause uncontrolled oral bleeding.



There occurs then a “living necrosis” or progressively decaying of the body, much as with gangrene.

Ebola living necrosis or death of the body  ebola death
God forbid we use Ebola as a bio-weapon

As someone born into a Holocaust surviving family, I fear the potentials for using highly potent viruses, such as Ebola, as a bio-weapon. I am cognizant that the past 20th century saw the highest percentage of human beings killed by forms of violence, warfare and attempts at developing dictatorships. The technologies of death then, such as using gas chambers, were relatively simple compared to what exists nowadays.

Thus my prayer and vision for  the 21st century is that we will reach out to a higher level of global consciousness, to a deep know that we are ultimately all one, and before we unwisely unleash yet greater forces for a mutual destruction. I keep that light burning bright.

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