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Colin Campbell's China Study Revealed | Healing Talks

Colin Campbell’s China Study revealed

reading china study

The China Study Diet Revealed

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) A funny thing happened to me a week ago, relating to The China Study Diet by Colin Campbell. I was in Franklin New York for a Thanksgiving or Turkey Trot race which was help at the local high school.  They were giving out turkeys for prizes after the race, plus they had some yogurt for the after race crowd, and from a big local yogurt factory.

Being a vegan, I thought to myself in this small  rural town, upstate NY, and among all these high school students, staff and locals (about a hundred or so), I bet no  one has ever read The China Study. This Grand Prix of nutritional studies was partly based on a survey of millions of Chinese residents. The studied the effects of different diets, whether healthy or harmful and came to some revolutionary conclusions.

Reading of The China Study

A little while later, I met a fellow by the name of Bob Fischer, and I kidded him as to whether he played chess (reminiscent of the genius Bobby Fischer, one of the greatest icons of the game. We got to talk about me being his back problems, and especially when running down hill, and I mentioned that diet could make a difference. He then proceeded to tell me about how he had read The China Study, and how it really spooked him. He read it in bed, and could barely sleep afterwards. Well that really floored me. Here was someone who had read The China Study Diet  and for whom it really made a difference, as he was trying to make substantial changes in his diet.

Who Is Colin Campbell?

A little while later, they were giving out the awards for the race. I had come in second for my age group (60+) and my new friend had come in first (70+). One of the high school youngsters who was also called up for an award was named Colin Campbell. Now it just happens that this Colin Campbell is also the name of the lead author of The China Study!

China Study Diet Conclusions

The moral of this story is that one cannot assume anything, rather be ready for surprises. The public health conditions in the US, with the growing epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic ills may seem abysmal, but changes in the collective consciousness are brewing, and it is possible to be hopeful about turning our world around. The articles below should help, and the hour long video by Dr. Campbell below, if listened to, and from beginning to end, can open eyes.

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