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Healing Power of MSM | Healing Talks

Healing Power of MSM

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(Healingtalks) MSM
or Methyl-Sulphonyl Methane is a powerful supplement that essentially helps cellular permeability. When taken with oxygen supplements, the end result is often an authentically systemic healing of the body.This is because oxygen forms a bridge between the chemical model of nature, the atomic, and the deeper penetrating consciousness-centered model, and where consciousness is a universal relationship of connection, what essentially heals us in all of our cells.

A recommended dose for MSMĀ  is 20-30 gram daily, dissolved in water, and taken in the organic crystalline, rather than powder form.

There are many ways of taking in additional oxygen, and then combining MSM with those oxygen intakes. I prefer actually having oxygen and ozone generators which can directly oxygenated water and oils at home. For more information MSM combined with an oxygen supplement intake, see the related aritcles.

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