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Healing Somatic Meditations (HSM) for Stress Disorders and Other Inner Releases | Healing Talks

Healing Somatic Meditations for Stress Disorders and Other Healing Releases

healing somatic meditations
Healing Somatic Meditations

(Healingtalks)  It seems significant that the term mindfulness appeared as the most popular adjective for meditation in a recent Google’s adjective search. There seems to be a common association between meditation and a state of mind 9rather than a state of one’s body).  This recalls  the classical mind/body split and where we might meditate to calm the mind and do physical exercise to aid our body. But if body and mind are intimately connected, it might be possible to work on both at the same time. We know that, in a hypnotic state, we can image a hot iron touching our skin and a blister can form.  Our state of mind can apparently change our body and vice versa.

Such body state altering meditations, however,  tend to involve more  than a superficial scan of our general body sensations and tensions. For our consciousness, whose powers emanate from deep within, to be able to greatly impact our body, we may need to tap into layers of their intimate connection.  Modern science does not necessary teach us any kind of clear layered structure for consciousness, leaving us to our own devices in exploring this uncharted frontier.  The  focus  with healing somatic meditations (HSM) is to penetrate a little deeper than we ordinarily might.

Using HSM with Other Mind/Body Therapies

This method of meditation may be used with many other mind/body therapies, including:

  • Reiki or any energy field work
  • Holotropic breathwork (HB) or rituals to reach expanded states of consciousness.
  • EMDR – Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and as used for PTSD or post traumatic stress disorders.
  • Safe Use of Consciousness-Expanding Substances – Hemp, MDMA, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms,  ayahuasca and ibogaine.
  • Mind/Body Detox  – Various detox protocols for cleaning our colon, skin, lung, intestinal, kidney and liver end up clearing the mind .

HSM Philosophy

All precious living creatures on Earth have some form of consciousness, awareness or sentience.  We share with them this gift of  “consciousness,” a means of universally connecting with the world around us and within –  to  become conscious of virtually anything within or around us. It is the birthright of every living organism to be whole, and if ill, to heal or return to wholeness. If consciousness is what universally connects us as such, effecting our wholeness, we then would want as much consciousness as possible in our lives in order to heal. With an abundant presence of consciousness, we also become more vibrant and alive.  Somatic healing meditations focus on the sacred process of drawing out our inner consciousness from our depths and then driving its healing presence into parts of the parts of our body that need healing the most.  .

HSM Physical Preparations

Here are a few  simple physical preparations:

Shower or Bathe, Followed by Wet Skin Brushing

Dr. Bernard Jensen pioneered  dry skin brushing after a shower. Though having studied with Dr. Jensen, I prefer the wet approach. This uses water, soap and a simple green scouring pad, the same as commonly used for dishes,. For sensitive skin, a new pad may be too harsh,. It will soften with use and, for the average skin, will do. Wet brushing enlivens acupuncture points all over the body, helping the open flow of  inner awareness.

Food and Drink

Do not drink anything too stimulating or sweet, such as coffee or caffeinated teas with sugar, and just before a meditation. Wayusa tea can help the pineal gland to clearly dream and visualize. Just before a meditation, avoid spicy or overly stimulating foods  such as garlic, onions, and hot peppers.  Bland is better.

HSM Procedures

Collected State of Mind

If consciousness forms “a universal relationship of connection within ourselves,” a calm, collected and peaceful state becomes conducive to meditation and any consciousness-raising.  We also want to avoid or let go of fearful, angry and painful thoughts or feelings, whether about the past or future. In an ideally connected state of mind, we may be more sensitive to experience parts of our body which are holding onto tensions, fears or pains. These parts may be deep-seated or located in harder, congealed, encapsulating regions  – e.g.  hardened muscles, fatty-tissues and rigid bones (including the cranium). Thus our consciousness is challenged to pierce these solid barriers  and to reach deeper-seated somatic ills.

Deep Driving

A deep driving of our awareness can take several forms.  We can practice intense relaxation followed by our driving thoughts and feelings being accompanied by healing images.  These healing images can be intentionally exaggerated and emotionally charged, as by quietly saying that a body part is relaxing more than ever. How strongly the visualization will work depends on the driving strength and clarity of such a visualization. We can make recitations to ourselves, such as healing  body part with the intentions of all of our  “heart, soul, mind, and consciousness.”

Holding a Body Part

We can physically touch the body part that we want  to heal or we can  engage a sitter to help.

Upholding Belief

Belief is a driving force. Strong belief in and thus focus upon what one is doing can help immensely. Knowing that the benefits can  be cumulative is further a plus. Somewhere down the line, the setting in motion of sincere actions and intentions will have healing following closely behind

HSM Main Organization

We can easily use the rainbow’s color to organize our somatic meditation.  Each color can be associated with a different part of the meditation. This organization does not have to be religiously followed, though it can be a good memory tool. Creativity, at the same time, is encouraged.

Going Through the Colors Procedure

Violet – Intense Relaxation and Letting Go

While holding a stressed part of the body, begin with a visualization of letting go of stress and pain. Also give ample time for both the mind and body to settle down so that the your inner consciousness can become more focused. Given enough patience, next start to visualize a deepening of the relaxation. You can add intensifying adjectives to what you may be inwardly verbalizing  – e.g. to become extremely relaxed or to really let go completely.  In your mind’s eye, you can focus on slowing down what ever is being said.. Then you can add to “r-e-l-a-x  more and more, deeper and deeper.”  A neighbor of mine, a mason, used to split rocks in his yard and  upon a successful split would shout, “I mean it. ” Set your intentions as strongly behind your healing of the body/mind.

Indigo – Relaxing Sounds/Om

The OM sound is formed by first making the “o” or by the rounding or circularizing of the lips. The resulting healing sound  of “o” can be reverberated with the “m” sound or driven outwardly or inwardly. Water which brings out life and consciousness from seeds, makes circular bubbles and rounded waves. It is a connective conductor. Our bodies are mostly water and the image of a healing sound penetrating inward as a wave can intensify a  relaxed feeling, and as accompanying this bringing-to-wholeness sound.  Every time we verbalize the intention to “relax deeper and deeper,” we can end such a statement with an expression of the sound of OM.

Blue – Relaxing Colors

The lowest seated colors of the rainbow, from violet to  blue, are the most relaxing. We can visualize such colors as saturating and circulating throughout our bodies, and especially wherever the body is  held or touched. We can also imagine blue paint or gel being present or applied. A helpful image is that of a fine paint brush applying blue paint with angelic gentleness.

Green – Healing

Green is called the healing color. It is one of three primary colors of the rainbow. Green combined with violet and red will form white light. The middle green is said to pull the extreme color separations back together as one.  In this part of the meditation, we imagine a green outer aura of light emanating from throughout and helping to heal the body.

Yellow – Sacred, Religious Feelings

Here we can bring into our somatic meditation any spiritual, sacred or religious feelings or images. One can recite a sacred prayer, such as  the Father’s Prayer. We can visualize being anointed by a sacred oil or we can imagine the presence and help of a saint or gods, including any ultimate religious figures, such as Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus, Lao Tzu, and Krishna.

Orange – Fluid Connectedness

This color is associated with any image of fluidity, as in water or a juice that is flowing. Fluidity  may be seen as a form of connectedness that enhances consciousness and healing.  Alternatively, we can use the image of something hard that is melting – such as a cold stick butter melting when heated.This can be a great meditation applied to tensed parts of the body, such as tense spinal chord processes.

Red – Love

The last color of the rainbow can be associated with deep feelings of love. We can imagine a given body part is being showered with love, while being hugged, kissed, or otherwise touched.  We can also imagine ordinary or extraordinary people coming into our lives to heal us with their love and caring.  This can include the image of ourselves as a child and with our parents, at night, lovingly tucking us  in with a kiss.


Coming Full Circle

Like peeling layers of an onion, we can gradually penetrate deeper layers of our somatic consciousness.   A nice bridge back to the surface view is scientific visualization where we imagine a series of hypodermic needles containing a relaxing sedative and being injected straight into a stressed part of the body. This visualization can further relax the  body to facilitate healing.


When one tries to drive healing images inwardly, our body may resist It may tense up to prevent the penetration. Your vocal chords make resisting sounds. Alternatively, we could experience a  joyous, melting, ecstatic moment. Try not to label or analyze any of these reaction. Welcome and accept whatever comes into your consciousness as part of a sacred journey.


Some days the somatic meditations may be powerfully healing and on other days it may not. Accept the experiences as they come, and remember that benefits can accumulate.

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