Published On: Thu, Aug 20th, 2009

Raw organic living foods at the supermarket

Chosing raw organic living foods at the supermarket

(Healingtalks) On a trip to the supermarket, we can observe what is commonly found in other people’s shopping carts.  Fresh produce items are often not that prominent but rather  processed convenience foods. Actually close to 90% of all supermarket items are either genetically modified or chemically processed and preserved.

Junk food in the supermarket

Junk-food ingredients include what is artificially lab produced or grown in depleted soils.  A good idea is to simply avoid the middle aisles of your supermarket as much as possible and head straight for the produce. David Wolfe, a health expert, says we really live in the midst of a nutritional holocaust. Is it any wonder, for example, that we have a skyrocketing epidemic of obesity and diabetes?

While we are talking about diabetes

What happens with a diabetic is that the cell walls throughout the body lose their aliveness and can no longer consciously recognize insulin and protein carriers.

The insulin especially stays in the bloodstream to then do harm. Those cell walls are made primarily of fat. When all the fat we eat is deadened and saturated (or hardened), then those cell walls become deadened, hardened and unconscious.

Reversing diabetes naturally

This is why, in a study done by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, diabetes patients were reversed in just 30 days with a raw vegan living food diet. A must see video that has change many peoples lives is Simply Raw- Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. The drop in diabetes markers for Cousens’ patients was 15x more than with the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association, and 5x more than for a vegan diet that was cooked.

Remember the healthy, raw organic living food recipes

So when you get home with all those raw organic living foods,  why not look up some GREAT raw food recipes. They will inspire you to keep buying only the very best of raw organic and living ingredients. Then  you can create what will satisfy your taste buds and keep you supremely healthy at the same time

So seriously consider going raw WITH A BANG!

If the bill gets a little high, I might consider balancing your shopping cart with less expensive foods or going on a juice fast one day a week. Lentils are usually a dollar or two a pound and when sprouted they increase 3x in size – so you get your protein for pennies on the dollar!  Or I might look for produce at the farmer’s market with lower prices. There is really no excuse. Remember, get the best . YOU DESERVE IT!

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  1. Unprocessed foods should always be the most popular choice of people because this would be beneficial to their health.  Healthy ingredients are good for healthy kids snacks.

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